April Fool’s : Best Celebrity Jokes!

1 Apr

Celebrities love to play pranks not only on each other but also all of us fans out there! AND let’s not forget that today is April fools day and there will be a tonne of hoaxing and joking around going on in Hollywood!  Here are some of the best celebrity pranks we’ve seen over the years as per our source : www.sheknows.com !


Justin Bieber's 2010 April Fool's Day joke

“Justin Bieber has decided to buy Funny or Die website and do with it whatever his tiny little heart desires,” read a clip on the site. “Anything that’s not Bieber dies,”Bieber said on a Funny or Die video.

“I’m a star; I do what stars do,” he said. “I ride on yachts, I autograph lady lumps, and I pay people to slap them.”


In 2010, infamous prankster Nicole Richie synced up with Khloe Kardashian to hack into Kim K’s Twitter account. Nicole then proceeded to post dirty messages, professing everything from a lesbian crush to an, uh-hem, upset stomach…
“Sometimes I think I am a lesbian because HOT DAMN I think Nicole Richie is fffooooiiinnneee!” Kardashian managed to reclaim her Twitter account, but did admit, “That was hands down the funniest April Fools’!!


Singer Mya seems so sweet, but she pulled a doozy of an April Fool’s Day prank on a friend.

“This is really bad,” she told OK! Magazine in 2008. “One of my friends is a producer in California; we have a brother/sister relationship. He pulled a prank on me, so I figured I owed him one. I was on the House of Blues tour in 2003, and I invited him to one of my shows in Anaheim, California, after I had already performed [there]. So he rented a limo, invited people and showed up the day after I performed. I gave him backstage passes and told him he was on the guest list for seven. He was totally embarrassed, but I owed him one.”


Joel McHale pranked Ryan Seacrest on April Fool's Day 2010

Joel McHale loves to make fun of Ryan Seacrest, so it’s only natural that the American Idol host was the target of McHale’s April Fool’s Day prank.

In 2010, McHale took over Seacrest’s personal website, renaming it JoelMcHale.com. The whole site looked pretty much the same, except that Seacrest’s face was substituted with McHale’s. A choice headline read, “Relive Joel McHale’s Epic Cameo in Spider-Man 2.”

McHale tweeted from Seacrest’s account: “Ryan here: just interviewed @SelenaGomez. She was awesome. Really connected. Psych! It’s still Joel! #seacresthacked.


Last year, the R&B diva tried to pull our chains by announcing that she was preggers. She tweeted: “3 months pregnant:(…whats a girl to do??….this is going to be hard:( no more spanx:(…..” Niiiiice try, Ciara.

Are you pulling any pranks this year!???  We know we are…just because we know its the only day that we can get away with it!



What to wear, what to wear? Wedding season has begun!

1 Apr

What to wear to a wedding

The wedding season is upon us and with it come loads of engagement parties, bridal showers and wedding receptions. It’s hard to keep up with all these formal occasions for both our social lives and our closets! Especially when each of these occasions requires a different kind of outfit depending on the time of day, venue and formality of the event! We follow a simple set of rules when choosing our outfits:

  1. No White – No matter how good it looks on you, it’s the bride’s special day/time and you don’t want to be mistaken for the bride or steal any of her thunder. Even when it’s not the actual wedding, like an engagement party, there is a high chance the bride will wear white, so it’s better to avoid the color all together.  
  2. No Sequin – Unless you’re heading to a bachelorette party at a club, sequin is a big “no-no”! It will make you look really flashy and overdressed.
  3. No Jeans/Casual wear– Even if you’re going to an informal event, avoid being too casual. Wearing a feminine sundress will always be the winning option over a pair of jeans and t-shirt.
  4. No Short dresses to a Wedding –  Although wearing a cute short dress to an engagement party is totally appropriate,  weddings are a special occasion! Day time and evening weddings require you to look more or less formal. Avoid anything that will make you look too sexy! You want to look elegant and be respectful to the wedding party, so the length of your dress should be appropriate, meaning just above the knee or a maxi.

A simple LBD will normally do the job for any formal occasion, and never seems to disappoint when you’re in a real ‘pickle’ and haven’t found a dress in time.  If you have some time, and want a cute summer dress, then shopping online is the best way to find the right style in a hassle free way! It’s fast, comfortable and there are lot’s of options to choose from! We’ve collected a few great options from our on-line store for every wedding occasion!

Colours, Florals and Flirty skirts are ideal for a daytime party! But remember if you opt for a short hemline, make sure the top part of the dress is covered.  Here are some great styles from Pavlyn.com that we think are perfect!

Paper_Crown_Madame Dress

Paper Crown Silk Madame Dress – $159


Blaque Label Kick Pleat Dress – $75


Contrarian NYC Byrdie Bow Dress – $305

If you’re looking for a more formal attire for an evening event or a wedding, these are some great style options!

Keepsake say_you_will_dress

Keepsake Say You Will Dress – $178

Keepsake State of the Art Dress

Keepsake State of the Art Dress – $165

contrarian_barb_bibb dress navy

Contrarian NYC Barbara Bibb Dress – $405

The best thing about all these looks is that you will be able to wear them over and over, not only to a wedding party, but to any of your other summer events! We hope that these outfits and our 4 rules for surviving the wedding season help you out. Please share with us if you too have a special way of coping.



2013 Golden Globe Awards- Our Best Dressed List!

16 Jan

This year’s, 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, were full of surprises, laughs, high slits and so much more! The spot for the biggest trend of the red carpet is tied between  gowns in all shades of red and thigh-high slits! (Angie really started a trend at last year’s Oscars eh!?) Here is our take on the Best Dressed List from this year’s red carpet!

Not your typical simple black dress, Kate Hudson is beautiful as ever in the black Alexander McQueen gown adorned by gold beading. The simplicity and understated elegance of this dress highlights her beauty even more! Gorge!

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen at Golden Globes

WOW! Eva Longoria in a custom Emilio Pucci!!! She just never seizes to stop wowing us! We love the juxtaposition of the sexy sheer bottom with a thigh high slit and how the dress is all covered up at the top with a delicate peek-a-boo cut. That’s what you get when you put together all the gorgeous trends of the century– see through skirts, slits, open back, lace and sequin! VOILA!

Eva Longoria at 2013 Golden Globes

Gorgeous in her melon toned mermaid dress, Jessica Alba is a delicious sight! We love the ruffles on the tail of the dress. The dress is from Oscar de la Renta’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection and was perfectly paired with a Harry Winston diamond bib necklace! But really, Jessica can literally wear anything and will look stunning!

Jessica Alba at 2013 Golden Globe Awards

Lucy Liu – Rocking the floral Print, very Marie Antoinette of her and so unlike anything we’ve seen on the red carpet this year or any other year for that matter!! We love the pattern and the fit of this dress! This is the winner for us!

Golden Globel Lucy Liu Carolina Herrera Dress

Halle Berry – We feel like there is no need to comment here. Stunning in anything she wears, Halle has flawless red-carpet style every time. This year, her rose coloured, flowy Versace gown truly accentuated her beauty on stage! We love the feminine high slit along the right leg, slight midriff exposure and the corset waste details.

Halle Berry in Versace at Golden Globes 2013

Jennifer Garner – the proud wife of award winning actor, Ben Affleck, was looking gorgeous last night in a deep red sequin dress  by Vivienne Westwood, with a pretty décolleté and unexpected draped bustier. The dress is so flattering in everything from the colour, texture to the form and the short train.

Jennifer Garner in Red Vivienne Westwood at Golden Globes

Another gorgeous gown that caught our eye this year on the red carpet was the stunning, bright red Oscar de la Renta, worn by the ‘New Girl’ start, Zoey Deschanel. Known for her down-to-earth style and original nail art, Zoey really shocked us this year in this classic, princess-like number! She may not be winning an award this year, but her dress sure is worthy of our Best Dressed List!

Zooey Deschanel at the Golden Globes in a red OscardelaRenta

And you can’t have a best dressed list without a list of ‘not so great’ looks! We are not saying these are the worst looks, just saying, we were expecting more from these actresses and were disappointed.

Lady in Red, Jennifer Lawrence,  wore a hot red statement gown by Raf Simons for Dio, worthy of her winner status! However, we must comment – are we the only ones that thought that the bodice was weird around the bust??? Are we going back to the days of Madonna, when conic bustiers were the thing!? The skirt of the dress is no doubt a beautiful form that flatters her curves, but we just don’t love the piece all together.

Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes 2013

Jennifer Lopez is always pushing the limits with her fashion, but her barely there Zuhair Murad lace dress is a little too much…for us anyway. Lace is always classy, but there was just too little of it covering the neutral part of the gown, giving the impression that she was wearing it over her bare body. Obviously we know that she isn’t really bare, but then we are left to see these large patches of this plain nude ugly fabric and the SEAMS!? We always expect JLo to wear something revealing and goddess-like, but this is just over the top!

Jennifer Lopez at 2013 Golden Globes

Julianne Moore- sticking to what works best for her, she took the stage in a covered up black and white gown. This dress is really avant garde and is not actually flattering to her figure and it’s an anticipated look for her, as we feel like we’ve been her in this black and white, style before. But I guess when a designer like Tom Ford makes you a gown, you wear it!

Juliene Moore in Tom Ford at Golden Globes

Amanda Seyfried wore this strange off white lace and chiffon gown that blended in with the pale skin, washed her out completely and also did nothing to accentuate her feminine curves. It was a weird cut and maybe she was trying to make a statement, but we are not fans of this type of experimentation in front of millions of viewers on your big day.

Amanda Seifreid at Golden Globes 2013

As for our ‘non-fashion’ review of the awards…Most exciting was Jennifer Lawrence winning best actress! You go girl! If you follow our blogs, we told you she was a girl on fire last year after her stellar performance in the ‘Hunger Games’!!

Biggest surprise…actually, we can’t decide what was more wierd…Borat being in Les Miserables or Ben Affleck winning best picture for Argo! REALLY!? Argo was good, but not BEST picture good! We thought there were so many other amazing movies out last year – Django…Zero Dark Thirty?!

Funniest moment – Will Farrel and Kristen Wiig were hilarious presenting the nominees!

Best speech – hands down,  Daniel Day Lewis!

Worst Speech – Jodi Foster! We still don’t get why people were crying when Jodi Foster took the stage. It was the most random speech ever and wasn’t really going anywhere – she talked about her sexuality (are you coming out or not? make up your mind dammit), PRIVACY really? – who doesn’t struggle with that in Hollywood, it comes with the territory, no?, THEN, she made fun of some people in the audience- inside joke maybe? (except its not funny to the rest of the world JODI).. and finally closed with a really emotional ending as she thanked her mom (that was sweet, let’s give that to her!).  I don’t know maybe we just didn’t get it… did anyone out there figure it out? If so, please explain :)



Military Style: Combat Boots

24 Nov

Finally, a boot that a girl can be comfortable in and still look hot! Lace-up ankle high army boots are a perfect winter companion. In the past, these babies have been privy to army soldiers or punk rock kids, but not anymore. This season, they are finally making their way into the mainstream fashion world and boy are they making a statement! Wear them over your skinny jeans, leggings or even with a mini skirt and a leather jacket for a biker chic feel. They look ultra cute with some soft socks peaking out or with untied shoelaces, plus you can also roll your jeans above the boot or tuck them in for a more laid back look. Basically, the way you choose to wear your pair is totally flexible!

Sometimes we wish we carried footwear at Pavlyn…these would definitely make it to our online store!

Military Glam

Celebrity Obsession: Rick Genest

20 Nov

We already admitted to loving the Skeletal trend! Call us crazy, but this obsession is about to go a step further. Let’s look back to 2011, when  Lady Gaga introduced a whole new level of creativity in her  ‘Born this way video’ – remember her dancing with the hot skeleton, rocking some skeletal makeup and pink hair? That’s right! That hot man wasn’t wearing makeup, those are real tattoo’s ladies and gentlemen! After that video, French Fashion house Thierry Mugler introduced the Canadian model, Rick Genest, to their runways and ad campaigns and we’ve been in love with him ever since! And we’re not alone, Genest has been featured in numerous Vogue issues, appeared in music videos and TV shows all over the world!

Hot Zombie Boy

Zombie Boy for Thierry Mugler

Seriously! Look him up! He is a real male ‘Cinderella’ story.

Also known as Zombie boy, he grew up on the downtown streets of Montreal and worked as a squeegee kid.  But in late 2010, this punk rock kid, was discovered by Lady Gaga’s fashion director and Mugler’s creative director, Nicola Formichetti.  By January 2011, Rick was featured in the new Thierry Mugler Autumn/Winter men’s collection, headlining it on the brand’s website. It was Genest’s discovery and Gaga’s urging which actually resulted in the menswear show, something not originally planned and influenced Formichetti on the collection itself! The show was accompanied by a video featuring Genest shot by fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco. He was later featured alongside Lady Gaga in the fashion show for the women’s 2011 Autumn/Winter line.

Not only do we feel proud that such a beautiful person is Canadian, but also, we think that he is a truly creative, and unique individual. His body is completely covered by tattoo’s resembling the decaying human body, insects, bones and morbid words. Normally, one would be really put off by such a look, but we’re totally turned on by it!

What do you think?


Trend Alert: Skeletal Style

4 Nov

Halloween is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing dress up! This might seem like a really strange trend but bones and skulls are hitting it really big right now!  The bones trend started way back in 2009 with Alexander McQueen and his trademark skull scarves, but is becoming more and more popular and is definitely here to stay! Some celebrities rocking this trend include Vanessa Hudgens, Cheryl Cole, Emma Roberts, and Kat Graham –  Don’t they look so hot?!

Emma Roberts in Skeleton Sweater

Emma’s style is so casual chic in this baggy Skeleton Sweater

vanessa Hudgens Wildfox Sweater

Kat Graham in Skeleton Tights

Totally awesome skeleton tights!

Cheryl Cole in Red Wildfox Bones Sweater

Cheryl is looking like a cute British soldier in her Wildfox sweater

So, for those of you who are ballsy enough to have some fun with your outfits, scoring a skeleton inspired piece for your wardrobe is an absolute must! You can really have fun with this trend. Skulls, skeletons, and bones and the more of them, the better! We love the Wildfox Inside Out  Baggy Beach Jumper because of the ultra soft and cozy fabrics and the rad skeletal design.

Wildfox Inside Out Baggy  Beach Jumper

Wildfox Inside Out Baggy Jumper

Style it with your leather leggings or a skirt and some combat boots and you’ll be rocking the cutest outfit around! What do you think? Is this trend Spooky or Stylish?

Ways to wear the skeleton trends

Alicja Zielasko, Jennifer Grace, and Marcella Lau.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Alice Point, Native Fox, and Fashion Distraction



Lauren Conrad’s London Coat

22 Oct

Lauren Conrad has done it – she’s created the perfect trench coat and we can’t get enough of it. Her line, Paper Crown, has designed the London Coat for the Fall 2012 Season and its gorgeous! What makes this coat so special is how perfectly it turns from a fitted top into a skirt bottom. Lauren herself has recently wore the Coat and looked uber chic in it, as she combined it with some red lips and a channel purse.  The coat is now available at Pavlyn Boutique, but hurry, this beauty won’t be around for long!

Lauren Conrad in Paper Crown London Coat


Lauren recently had another spotting in another Paper Crown piece. Again from the Fall 2012 Collection, Lauren was seen in the Madame Silk Dress in Polka Dot pattern. Looking perfectly sweet, this dress offers a healthy dose of flirtation! Want to transition into Fall? Combine the dress with black stockings and pumps and throw a blazer on top. The dress is now at Pavlyn Boutique – we bet you won’t be able to resist.

Lauren Conrad in Paper Crown Madame Dress



Blaque Label Leather Cut-Out Dress

21 Oct
We’ve got the perfect way to work this season’s hot and edgy leather trend into your wardrobe! The Blaque Label Leather Cut-out Dress features a 100% leather panel that accentuates the curves while adding a modern edge to this basic LBD. With just the right amount of leather detailing, this dress is hot, chic and classy! Blaque Label Leather Cut-Out Dress | Pavlyn Boutique
Alexa Vega in Blaque Label Leather Cut Out Dress

Happy 32nd Birthday to Kim Kardashian!!!

21 Oct

Wishing the beautiful KimK a very Happy 32nd Birthday! WOW- we can’t even believe she is 32! She looks phenomenal and has accomplished great success already and is a true inspiration to us! The sky is the limit when it comes to Kim and we wish her are only the brightest things to come – lots of love, happiness and of course success! Hope you have a great night celebrating girl!

Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian

Happy Birthday Kimmy! We love you!


Inspiration: Epic Celebrity Halloween Costumes

20 Oct

It’s that time of the year again, when the pressure of finding the perfect Halloween outfit starts to hit. Not sure about you, but I really like to make a statement on Halloween. So, I like to seek inspiration from Celebrity costumes since they always take their disguises to a new level! While some of their ideas might be a little ‘out there’ and could only work for a crazy party at Heidi and Seals’ old house, others are totally do-able! Check out some of the looks our favourite celebrities have dared to sport on Halloween and what we have to say about them!

Gwen Stephani as Cinderella

Gwen made sure every detail is covered when she chose to be Cinderella and she looked stunning! However, we don’t know if this costume is sexy enough for us.

Paris Hilton in Native American Costume

Paris as Native Indian or Pocahontas?? That headpiece is so hot!…but the whole look is very revealing might be a little too sexy for us! After all we live in Canada and its getting way too cold to wear a bikini to a club!

Rihanna as Tigger

We love RiRi’s Halloween Style! As per usual, she looks so awesome!

Lea Michelle as Black Swan

Black Swan was a common sight from Halloween 2011! This is so last year, but the idea is to choose a costume that’s PopCulture – KATNISS from Hunger Games ANYONE???

Lo Bosworth Hallowee Costume Little Red Riding Hood

This is so cute! We love the flowers and the basket details Lo added to her Halloween look!

Lauren Conrad Flapper Girl Halloween Costume

This is our all time favourite Halloween look! Its timeless and classy!

Kim Kardashian in Super Woman Halloween Costume

Kim is a perfect Super Woman! She exudes so much confidence flaunting her curves in this sexy costume! You go girl!

Here are some celebrity looks that will make you LOL!

Heidi Klum as bodies costume


Heidi Klum as an Indian God


Heidi Klum and Seal in their Ape Costumes

Heidi takes her Halloween costumes very seriously!!

Snooki in Leopard Halloween Costume

While Snooki dresses up as a Leopard Girl, there are hundred’s of girls dressing up as her regular self!

The trick is to find something that will ‘wow’ all your friends. So whether you want to dress up like a giant ape or a little red riding hood, make sure you go all out and don’t leave ANY details unattended!

We’re still figuring out what to wear, but hope that this serves up some inspiration for you guys! Stay tuned for a post on our Halloween Ideas and Good Luck finding yours!



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