What’s in the Name

23 Jan

PAVLYN – This is the mysterious name we chose for our online boutique and the blog that follows suit to capture our daily inspirations. You might be wondering how to say it and what it means. So for our first post we wanted to explain ourselves a little bit…no actually A LOT, because there’s a lot that falls behind our name.

Linguistically, Pavlyn is the Russian translation for the luxurious bird we all know as a Peacock. To us, a peacock is the most beautiful of all birds, revered throughout history for its deeply symbolic and glimmering feathers.

We believe that a Peacock – the symbol of indulgence, decadence and at times, vanity – lives in every one of us. We all need to be spoiled once in a while, be it by ourselves or others. We all like to indulge, whether it’s a shopping spree, a manicure, or a glass of champagne for breakfast (or is that just us?). And vanity…well, who said that vanity is a bad thing? We love a girl who looks good and is not afraid to show it! But most importantly, just like in a peacock, the most admirable quality in any girl, beyond the cutest outfit or the most perfect pair of shoes, is the confidence with which she can wear her own feathers.

So you can see why when we thought of it, we instantly fell in love with this name. And if our explanation hasn’t convinced you of just how perfect this name is, think about the sheer beauty of a peacock feather….its sublime!

 Keep strutting,



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