Italian Summer

1 Feb

On our trip to Italy, wondering the streets of Florence


The Best Italian Espresso

Cinque Terre - a magical place

From Italy with Love

Capri, Italy

Taking it all in - Capri, Italy

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

The Colosseum, Rome

St. Mark's Square - Venice

Ready for the carnival - Venice

The Pantheon - Rome

Cafe Del Mar - Ibiza, Spain

In the middle of an especially cold and snowy day in Toronto, we wanted to cheer ourselves up and looked at some old photos from a trip we took together to Italy a couple of years ago. We lived the ‘Dolche Vita’ for almost three weeks (with a side trip to Ibiza of course :D), and completely fell in love with this beautiful country! This land is the home and birthplace to all the good things in life – great wine, delicious food, fast cars, and most importantly – FASHION! How can anyone not love it here?!!! It’s as good as it gets! It is such an amazing place that you should really find a way to visit it asap, if you haven’t already. For now, a little day dreaming is also nice!  :)

Keep strutting,



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