The Boyfriend Scarf

5 Feb
Black Hugo Boss Tassel Scarf (Homme)

Black Hugo Boss Tassel Scarf

Black Hugo Boss Tassel Scarf (Mens)

I’m sure that I’m not the first girl to ever admit that I like to borrow my boyfriend’s things. We all steal/borrow stuff from our boyfriends’ once in a while….watches, sun-glasses, shirts, belts,  and even razors on occasion! After all there is a reason why Boyfriend jeans are so fab right now! To be honest, guys have some really cool stuff! For example, me, I’m obsessed with my boyfriend’s massive collection of designer scarves.  This weekend I opted for his newly acquired scarf from Hugo Boss. It’s an amazing wool and cotton blend in a black and grey colour-combo that works with any outfit…regardless of whether its a guy or a girl wearing it.  My favourite features about it- tasselled trim and thickly braided ends!!  Plus, it’s really wide and long, offering a variety of wear options, which I just had to try out during our last business get-together.

I hope he won’t mind me bragging about how incredibly awesome his scarf is, but I just couldn’t help myself (Thanks honey :P). Really, boys need to start getting used to the fact that items from their wardrobe may go missing this season.

Hugo Boss Mens Black and Grey Stripe Tassel Scarf




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