How I found The One

6 Feb

Danier black leather jacket

Danier black biker jacket with Michael Kors sweater dress

I’ve been hunting the stores for a while for the perfect biker jacket. It’s been about two years that I have been on this mission, and I refused to quit. Unfortunately, Toronto has pretty limited options when it comes to leather – besides the occasional leather jacket here and there, Danier is really the only option. So, I’ve been watching that store like a hawk, just waiting for the perfect jacket to come along…they probably think I’m some sort of a creepster  by now. Well, I’m not a creepster, I’m just incredibly picky. I go for quality, not quantity. I look to buy things that are perfect; otherwise I hold out for something better. It doesn’t help that I have narrow shoulders, and jackets tend to fit me funny…anyway, when I finally saw this little number, I knew it was the one!

This fabulous jacket has been hanging in my closet ever since then, waiting for one of those mild winter days when a girl can get away with just a leather jacket. Well, that day finally arrived last Saturday. I love the idea of pairing contrasting items, so I opted for a soft cashmere sweater dress, offsetting the roughness of this biker jacket with contrasting femininity. I finished the look with a pair of booties and an oversized scarf, and I was ready for a Saturday night on the town.



Danier black leather jacket and black scarf

Black Danier leather jacket and oversized black scarf

Danier biker jacket in black

Michael Kors sweaterdress in green

Nine West black booties


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