Travel Inspirations: Moscow

8 Feb

Despite Russia’s notoriously frigid weather, everyone seems to be out on the town, enjoying the city’s most spectacular views and attractions.  Aside from the fact that there is a lot of FUR….Moscow is also full of architectural beauty, glamorous style, chic stores, boutique cafes, and history!!  I just love this city and hope everyone gets a chance to check it out sometime..just maybe not in the winter time :)


Winter Trees

Snow covered trees


Love Lock Tree

Lovers attach a lock so their love last forever..SO CUTE!

Moscow River Bridge

Pigeon House

After I took the pic, a man came by to drive the car away, and the birds flew away :)

Moscow churces

The golden domes are so beautiful!


GUM- Doesn't it kind of remind you of the Eaton centre in Toronto???

Kremlin's Clock tower

Kremlin's Clock tower

Saint Vasiliy Blazheniy Cathedral in the Red Square

Saint Vasiliy Blazheniy Cathedral in the Red Square

Small Cafe in a Big City

Finding a little bit of warmth in a cute cafe just off the Tverskaya street

Nostalgic passage way

Walking by this random passage way, we couldn't help but notice Audrey :)

New Years Eve in Moscow

Shopping for Caviar at the GUM




2 Responses to “Travel Inspirations: Moscow”

  1. helen February 9, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Stunning pics. I’m sure the frigid weather has inspired some fashionable winter pieces for you ladies! I really love the porcelain rabbits in the cafe – I saw those in Paris and wanted so badly to buy one. Can’t seem to find it in Toronto :(

    • PAVLYN BOUTIQUE February 9, 2012 at 9:34 am #

      Thanks for visiting our blog and for your comments, Helen!!!



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