Sunday Brunch Style

13 Feb

What to wear to brunch after a fun night out?

A cute ‘go-to’ look for me is a structured blazer with some skinny jeans, riding boots and printed tee. This week I opted for something more nautical which was both comfy enough for a lazy Sunday morning but stylish enough for a trendy brunch place like Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village :)

What to wear to brunch with the girls

 Looking trendy and casual while I order my favourite pancakes

Mildred’s is actually my favourite place for brunch right now! Famous for their controversial unisex bathrooms and deliciously fluffy blueberry buttermilk pancakes,  this gem-of-a-restaurant also serves the most delicious Eggs Benny in the city- I am quite sure of it!  ;)

Look at the menu...can you spot the pancakes

YUMM…can you spot the FLUFFY Pancakes on the menu?

Mildred's Cappuccino is so satisfying on a Sunday morning

There are  few things more satisfying than a great cappuccino on a Sunday morning

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!  :)




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