J Brand Obsessed – Lipstick Red Zoey Skinny Jeans

28 Feb

Coloured denim is what we like to call a game changer. As soon as you acquire a pair, it will give an instant facelift to your wardrobe. You guys already know that we are utterly obsessed with this trend, but a lot of girls seem to shy away from these vibrant colours because its hard to wear. Fear no more ladies – we’ve created three different looks for this amazing pair of J Brand Zoey skinny jeans in lipstick red. This colour is perfect to start your collection of coloured denim, as it is so versatile and ultra chic. Whether you’re heading for a visit to your local farmer’s market or going out for a night on the town, these babies will be an instant show stopper – guaranteed! Take a look and be inspired – these three options are only the beginning…

How to wear J Brand Zoey Skinny jeans in Lipstick Red


2 Responses to “J Brand Obsessed – Lipstick Red Zoey Skinny Jeans”

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  2. Lee-Anne Khuu March 1, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    Thanks girls, I’m truly inspired.I’m loving the red jeans. I just popped my red jean cherry and I love them. They add colour to your wordrobe without over doing it. It’s a style technique I suppose, colour blocking. Thanks the the tips. Keep on styling =)

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