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How to Wear the Trend: Colour Blocking 101

28 Mar

Do you ever find yourself flipping though fashion magazines and marvelling at the beautifully put-together looks, showing strong contrasting colours and prints and then you try to recreate the look yourself and find it completely impossible? This happens to us all the time!

Colour blocking-katy-perry-elle-magazine-march-2011

Colour Blocking trend spring 2012 runway

Colour blocking trend- Tommy Hilfiger, Tracy Reese, Marc by Marc Jacobs for New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 runway

Colour Blocking is not a revolutionary concept anymore. Fashion houses, bloggers and celebrities have all embraced this colourful trend and  mastered the art of colour blocking . Yet, so many girls, us included, find it so difficult to play with colours.

The problem is that most of us are used to playing safe when it comes to fashion – sticking with neutrals and adding only splashes of colours to the look. Its hard for us to step into the current colour revolution and throw the rules out the door! But ladies, its time to start playing by a new set of rules. Understanding a few simple colour principles actually results in some really amazing styling! We’ve put together a little 101 guide to colour blocking to help you recreate your own looks.


  • Make sure that you combine colours from the same family for a harmonious look – For example you can create some amazing combinations by pairing bright pinks with vivid fuchsias, or turquoise with royal blue!
  • Stick to the same tone – by keeping warmer tones like orange and red together
sarah-jessica-parker colour blocking with hot pink and red
Kim Kardashian colour blocking in Pink Naven Blazer and pastel jeans
Nicole Scherzinger colour blocking in purple skirt and pink top
sarah jessica parker colour blocking in turquoise and blue
olivia wilde colour blocking in gucci blue and turquoise top


  • Think of colour combos that you find on opposite sides of the colour wheel-  try putting a regal purple skirt with a contrasting fiery orange blouse- the result will be amazing
  • If you would like something to go with the spring pastel trend- try lime green with melon or rosebud pink for a pleasantly jarring combination
Kim Kardashian colour blocking in green skirt and yellow top
Camilla Belle color blocking in Gucci
Kim Kardashian Color-blocking in orange skirt and purple top Gucci


  • With all these colours in your outfit, its totally fine to throw in a splash of neutral. Whether you are wearing coloured denim or a complete colour-blocked outfit, the best way to balance it all out is with a pair of neutral shoes – we’re thinking nudes and blacks. Once you’ve mastered the art of colour blocking, you can start exploring different shoe/bag options, but as a beginner, we believe that neutrals are the way to go!

Emma Stone colour blocking in hot pink skirt and red top

Hopefully, that will help you out! We will definitely use our own advice in colour blocking and come up with some amazing looks to share with you ladies.  In the mean time, we would love to hear your thoughts on colour blocking!



I am a CHANEL Brand Whore! So sue me…

26 Mar

Chanel Fashion show with Karl

Mesdames et Messieurs…We have a situation on our hands…we are hopelessly and utterly in love with Chanel. We adore the clothes, the bags, the shoes, and the accessories…the home decor pieces and the eau de parfums…we love anything and everything that has those two holy C’s on it, just because they are there! It could be a pillow or a stocking for all we know, and we will love it and want it. And that, by definition, makes us brand whores!

Chanel two tone pumps and bag

chanel-lipstick variations

Chanel two tone black and white umbrella

Chanel Black bags

Chanel No 5 parfume

chanel bowtie with bowties

(just some a few of the things we love…)

 The strange thing about this is that, although we don’t particularly like to wear things with flashy logos on them, we seem to really love the Chanel brand. So, if this means that we’re brand whores, then, so be it! We will wear this title loud and proud, because we love the story, the idea and the look of Chanel.

Chanel is one of the oldest fashion houses in the world, started by a regular French girl like me and you. Well no…actually we are not French and she wasn’t just any regular girl. She came from a very humble background but grew to be a pioneer in the fashion world who modernized clothing design and empowered women with her ideas for generations to come.  So, we don’t only love Chanel for its look, we truly believe in what this brand stands for.

Coco Chanel Quote saying " A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous"

Then there is the incredible craftsmanship with which each and every item is made, which is what makes this brand so classy and beautiful! The tweed with the white and black detailing is just so chic that we can never get enough of it. Pearls, black leather squares on the purses, little black and white C’s on the necklaces – Everything is made with incredible thought and love for elegant simplicity. Take a look at this video for an inside view of how the classic Chanel blazer from the 2012 collection is made….its ASTONISHING!

We can’t help but fall into Chanel’s love trap and we are definitely not alone. Celebs love Chanel and some of the most legendary figures of all time have been identified as the spokespersons for the brand: Marilyn Monroe, Kiera Knightley, Audrey Tautou, Nicole Kidman, Venessa Paradis… just to name a few! Some of our current Chanel faves are Alexa Chung and Blake Lively.


Keira and Karl in Chanel

lily-allen-posing for chanel

Alexa Chung in Chanel with straw bag

Karl Lagerfeld and Blake Lively in Chanel

Blake Lively and Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel Gown

alexa chung chanel style

The worst part of this obsession is that there is no remedy for it…. except to get out there and get some Chanel merch…which is exactly what we’re planning on doing! In fact, we wish we could carry Chanel at PAVLYN, but its a little completely out of question for so many reasons, main one being that we would probably just keep everything for ourselves.



Update your Spring Wardrobe with a White ‘IT’ Blazer

23 Mar

If you ‘re looking to invest in key pieces this spring, I would definitely put my money down on the white boyfriend blazer. Why? Because it’s chic, timeless and ultra versatile! Just think about how much you wore your black boyfriend blazer in the fall and winter months. If you’re anything like me, you must have spent the entire season in them! So, using the same logic – a white blazer would be so perfect for Spring/Summer 2012! It goes with everything and pulls the look together no matter which spring trend you wish to pair it up with- be it coloured denim, pastel shorts or boho chic rompers.

Heidi Klum wearing J-Brand and white blazer

Update your Spring Wardrobe with a White ‘IT’ Blazer

Personally, when I think of a white blazer, I immediately imagine it paired up with black leather skinny jeans and a loose grey tee (kind of like the way Heidi is wearing it)…but really we’ve been seeing it styled in so many different ways by the celebs (or their stylist for that matter). This makes me want a white blazer so much more! Heidi, Kim, Kourtney, Gwyneth, SJP – they all look stunning wearing crisp white blazers, whether it be for a night on the red carpet or a stroll on the town!

Kim Kardashian wearing a white blazer with black leggings

Sarah Jessica Parker in nude dress and white blazer

Megan Fox white blazer and stripped shirt

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing light blue jeans and white blazer

molly sims white blazer

Check out how cute Kourtney Kardashian looks running some errands in a red romper with a white boyfriend blazer!

kourtney kardashian in white blazer

kourtney kardashian wearing a red print romper with white blazer

I hate to admit it but- I don’t have one yet! Ladies it’s SO hard to find a good blazer. The cut is really important as it impacts how the blazer sits on your body and I have not been very impressed with what I’ve been seeing in the stores in Toronto. We’ll be getting some amazing white blazers at Pavlyn and I honestly can’t wait to be able to get one for myself! If you’re looking for the perfect white blazer, like me, you ladies should definitely stay tuned.

Enjoy the amazing weather!



Spring Fling 2012: The Maxi Skirt

22 Mar

We’ve had some really good times with maxi dresses, but it seems that last summer’s fling is coming to an end. This summer, we’re starting a new love affair with maxi skirts. Like all things worthwhile, maxi skirts can be intimidating at first. But fear not ladies, these skirts are actually versatile and suitable for all shapes and sizes, as long as you choose well. Boho chic is the perfect summer trend – simple, effortless and free-spirited! We’ve assembled a few of our favourite  maxi skirt looks:

1. For Pleats Sake: Pleats are having a major moment this summer, so naturally, they make the maxi skirt so much more amazing. We love seeing pleats on maxi skirts in solid colours, paired with a simple tank like Lauren Conrad. If its your first maxi skirt, go for a solid colour with feminine pleats, and dress it with a simple white tank. Remember, since you’re modest at the bottom, its ok to show some skin on top and even go for a tighter fit. For an added boho-chic look, add a long necklace or a head band.

Lauren Conrad in black maxi skirt

2. Short and Sweet: A lot of shorter girls are intimidated by the super length of maxi skirts. But, its actually amazing how beautiful these skirts look when paired with heels. Check out how tall Kim Kardashian looks in her maxi skirt, despite being only 5’2. Another lesson from Kim – if you’re on the curvy side, or have very broad shoulders, wearing a maxi skirt with some slits balances your figure.

Kim Kardashian in blue maxi skirt

3. Ready for Romance: Kate Bosworth’s outfit is perfect for falling in love! The combination of pastels with a touch of sparkle is ultra romantic! We really like Kate’s high-wasted skirt, which emphasizes her midriff and breaks up her top and bottom. This outfit is perfect fr those warm summer nights we’re all waiting for!

Kate Bosworth in a yellow maxi skirt

4. The Weekender: When we spotted Olivia Palermo’s sheer maxi look, we instantly thought of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Olivia’s look is perfect for a weekend trip to the market, an afternoon stroll in the park, or a brunch get-together. Adding shape to this flowy fabric is key, especially when combining a loosely fitted top and bottom. Olivia achieves this look by not only tucking in her blouse, but also adding a thing belt to the skirt. Your waist line is the slimmest part of your body, so you always want to draw attention to it! Even a petite girl like Olivia can wear this look without drowning in the fabric, by keeping it sheer, light and belted!

Olivia Palermo in a sheer maxi dress

Olivia Palermo in a sheer maxi skirt

5. Fashion Forward: Once you get a little more comfortable with wearing a maxi skit, you can start playing around with different combinations.We really love the way Olivia put this country-chic look together. Of course, the basics are still there – show a little skin, belt your look, and use sheer fabric – but its  totally different way of wearing the maxi skirt!

Olivia Palermo in maxi skirt

Ladies, get out there and get your first, third or 10th maxi skirt. This trend is here and its here to stay!



A Breath of Fresh Air: Kim Kardashian’s Aqua Jeans

19 Mar

Its true, we’re a little coloured-denim crazed these days…and its not just us! The celebs seem to be just as obsessed as we are, rocking skinny jeans in all colours of the rainbow pops. Today’s favourite is Kim Kardashian, spotted at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in Miami, in this stunning pair of Aqua coloured skinny jeans. Paired with a white top and a neutral coloured bag and flats, she looks like a breath of fresh air, breezing through the airport. Trying to resist these fabulous Aqua jeans, is like trying to resist Miami’s ocean front itself – IMPOSSIBLE! Kim fabulously dove into the coloured denim trend and so should you!

Kim Kardashian in Bright Aqua Skinny Jeans

Kim Kardashian in neon blue skinny jeans

Kim Kardashian in turquoise blue jeans Florida airport

Trend Obsession: Red Skinny Jeans

16 Mar

Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you (drum roll please) … Red Skinny Jeans!

Coloured denim is definitely a hot trend, but not just this season, its actually one of the hottest trends of the year. I’ve been seeing them around on the runways, on TV and in hundreds of street style blogs. Unlike the pastels that are so “IN” this spring, red jeans are one of those pieces that can be worn any time of the year. Winter to Summer, Autumn to Spring, you don’t have to worry about whether or not its ‘the right time” to wear them!

If you follow us on Twitter (@pavlynboutique) you know that we are truly in love with J Brand and can’t wait to get some coloured denim for our boutique. If you want to invest in a good pair of jeans, J Brand is definitely the way to go! They simply make the best quality, most incredibly fitting jeans. We are soon getting the Zoey Skinny Jeans in Lipstick red, which we couldn’t be more excited about. However, my pair actually happens to be from Joe Fresh, which is a great alternative if you’re looking for a bargain!

Red skinny jeans by Joe Fresh with a blue shirt and Ray Bans

I actually really like my Joe Fresh pair of jeans. Every time I wear them, I get asked about where I got them.  If you haven’t checked out this brand, you should definitely do so, because Joe Fresh makes really great clothes! Maybe its that my first ever fashion show was -Joe Fresh, Spring 2010 (I got in with my friends’ Press Pass) that I’ve developed such a deep appreciation for Joe Mimran’s brand. He has created an awesome casual wear line and I honestly have to thank him for making my grocery trips to Loblaw’s so much more fun and enjoyable.

Red skinny jeans by Joe Fresh with Blue shirt and oxford flats

The light blue blouse is also from Joe Fresh. Together, the bright red and the pale blue make an amazing combination for this Spring.  I also love wearing my red jeans with black tees and leopard shoes, or  a simple white boyfriend blouse.  Turquoise, hot pink and purple also look amazing with red. The possibilities are endless!

Red Skinny Jeans Style
The weather is finally getting really warm and I have a feeling these hot pants will be making lots of appearances this season ;)


Hot Trend: Neon Bags

13 Mar

Neon fluro pop up bags are a hot trend this spring! Although they may seem a little bit obnoxious with all that  bright colour, these bags make a great statement piece for any outfit – Day to Night! We just can’t wait to get our hands on one (or two) of them!

Neon yellow bag street style

Some of the hot colours on our wish list are neon yellow, hot pink and neon orange (circa your favourite highlighters in grade school! how fun is that?!). We’re actually tempted to get one in every colour…because its so hard to pick just one!

Neon orange bag street style

neon yellow bag

….And here is how we’d wear this spring trend!

Gimme Something to Talk About

Keep strutting



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