Update your Spring Wardrobe with a White ‘IT’ Blazer

23 Mar

If you ‘re looking to invest in key pieces this spring, I would definitely put my money down on the white boyfriend blazer. Why? Because it’s chic, timeless and ultra versatile! Just think about how much you wore your black boyfriend blazer in the fall and winter months. If you’re anything like me, you must have spent the entire season in them! So, using the same logic – a white blazer would be so perfect for Spring/Summer 2012! It goes with everything and pulls the look together no matter which spring trend you wish to pair it up with- be it coloured denim, pastel shorts or boho chic rompers.

Heidi Klum wearing J-Brand and white blazer

Update your Spring Wardrobe with a White ‘IT’ Blazer

Personally, when I think of a white blazer, I immediately imagine it paired up with black leather skinny jeans and a loose grey tee (kind of like the way Heidi is wearing it)…but really we’ve been seeing it styled in so many different ways by the celebs (or their stylist for that matter). This makes me want a white blazer so much more! Heidi, Kim, Kourtney, Gwyneth, SJP – they all look stunning wearing crisp white blazers, whether it be for a night on the red carpet or a stroll on the town!

Kim Kardashian wearing a white blazer with black leggings

Sarah Jessica Parker in nude dress and white blazer

Megan Fox white blazer and stripped shirt

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing light blue jeans and white blazer

molly sims white blazer

Check out how cute Kourtney Kardashian looks running some errands in a red romper with a white boyfriend blazer!

kourtney kardashian in white blazer

kourtney kardashian wearing a red print romper with white blazer

I hate to admit it but- I don’t have one yet! Ladies it’s SO hard to find a good blazer. The cut is really important as it impacts how the blazer sits on your body and I have not been very impressed with what I’ve been seeing in the stores in Toronto. We’ll be getting some amazing white blazers at Pavlyn and I honestly can’t wait to be able to get one for myself! If you’re looking for the perfect white blazer, like me, you ladies should definitely stay tuned.

Enjoy the amazing weather!




One Response to “Update your Spring Wardrobe with a White ‘IT’ Blazer”

  1. Lee-Anne March 23, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    This is great! I tried on a white blazer just the other day but opted not to get it since I was afraid I’d muck it up. It was slightly over-sized too for a boho type of look. But I think I’d personally prefer a fitted blazer. Thanks for the update.

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