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Outfit Inspiration: Animal Prints

26 Apr

Who said you can’t wear leopard print to work?

I would like to take it upon myself to try to dispel the rule that it’s not appropriate, once and for all! I am not just favouring my leopard print stuff because I am ga-ga for animal prints, I say this, because I genuinely think that animal prints have become the new black and are a total staple to any girl’s wardrobe. Ladies, we should embrace this trend with open arms …or should I say wallets?… and start accumulating animal print merch like its nobody’s business!

Trendy work outfit with leopard scarf and red lips

Leopard Scarf with Red Lips

Trendy work outfit with leopard scarf

Leopard Scarf with Leather Jacket and RayBan Aviators

There is something chic about animal prints. Adding a touch of patterns creates a certain fierceness and certainly goes a long way if you’re trying to look on-trend. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it with animal prints by wearing too much of them or something tight, like a leopard dress – should probably save that one for the clubs  ;)

I can proudly say that, at this point, my animal print collection consists of a leopard belt, zebra and leopard print scarves and leopard peep toe pumps!  I wear these items all the time and am always on the prowl for the more perfectly printed wild goodies. Today, I made what would have been a pretty basic office outfit look that much more fun and trendy with my leopard scarf. I like to tie the ends and wrap it around like an infinity scarf and wear it with my leather motorcycle jacket…the result – a perfectly professional office look that is both elegant and stylish. Add red lips and you’re ready for after work drinks with your girls!

Trendy work outfit

Women's work outfit with leopard scarf and leather jacket

Leopard scarf to work

My outfit: Michael Kors leather jacket, Calvin Klein Blouse, BCBG skinny zipper pants, BCBG Generation Patent pumps, Ray Ban Aviators,  Michael Kors oversized watch and …Vintage leopard scarf

Hope you like the look :)



Inside a Toronto Fashionista’s Closet

24 Apr

Ever wonder what other Fashionistas like you have hidden in their closets???  We definitely think about it every time we meet someone ultra stylish.  Just like when we stalk our favourite bloggers for style ideas, these people can be a great source of inspiration. After all, fashion and style are not only for those who work for fashion magazines and runways! So, we set out on a mission to get a closer look at the everyday style of Toronto’s most fashionable personalities, covering everything from their favourite clothing pieces to their home décor.  For our very first feature, we chose one of the most stylish people we know and one of our closest friends, Lee –Anne!

Sparkly Crop Top Party Outfit

Fashionista Profile

Lee-Anne is a girl with a big style and an even bigger heart! We met Lee in University and have known her for about 10 years now.  And let us be 100% honest here…she has never stopped being stylish! A true coquette, she always pays attention to the details, from her hair to accessories – everything seems to just effortlessly fit together with a  sort of whimsical femininity! Well actually… part of the reason why her hair always looks so fab is that Lee works part-time at a hair salon, which is where she gets her weekly dose of style!

In the corporate world, business attire is like a uniform.  In a salon, I get to make bold, elegant fashion statements! Working at a salon entails more than just being current with latest hair creations but also serves as a source of inspiration for style.”

Aside from being an eponymous fashionista, Lee- Anne is completing her doctoral degree at the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto. I bet you she is the most stylish girl in her class!

Fashionista Closet

We caught up with Lee just as she was coming back from a trip to St. Lawrence Market .. Wearing a beautiful shearling vest over a cashmere beige turtleneck, she takes off her brown leather riding boots and starts showing us her place…which is very cozy for how small it is. Then, she starts hovering around the kitchen, unloading her grocery basket into the fridge and telling us all about her wine party plans!  Lee Anne is clearly an avid party planner and we realize that we should hurry it up because she has a lot of plans for the rest of day, aside from our little photo shoot.

Casual Style in Sherling Vest, Turtleneck and Brown Leather Tote

Casual Style with Sherling Vest and Riding Boots

Here, Lee’s wearing a Jessica Simpson Shearling Vest, Anne Klein Brown Leather Boots, Vintage Cashmere Sweater and Zara Jeans.  We should probably mention that over the years, Lee has become an expert vintage shopper. She never seizes to surprise us with unique accessories, which (unfortunately for us) were purchased at vintage shops around Toronto, and can never be found again.

We asked Lee to pull 3 of her favourite looks for us. She had named and created an outfit for every occassion!

An afternoon in Paris

What is more Romantic than Paris? Lee-Anne recently got back from Paris and was so inspired by the feminine  style of Parisian women that she had to include a reflection of her love for the city of lights in one of the looks!  A Crochet top layered over a mauve pink silk blouse definitely says romance….We can just imagine Lee wearing this little number out on the cobble-stone streets of Paris, yes, it would truly be Le Vie en Rose!

I often like to be adventurous and push the envelope with my style. But trying to fit the perfect outfit with the perfect event /location is not easy”

Romantic Date Look with Crochet Top

Romantic Look with Crochet Top and Mauve pants

Romantic Date Look inspired by Paris

Sweet Romantic Look with Black Crochet top with Mauve Pants

Black Crochet Top with Mauve Tank

Black Crochet Top – Urban Outfitters, Silk Zipper front Mauve Pants from a Boutique in Paris, Silk Zipper back Cami Zara, Vintage Brown Leather Clutch (told you this girl likes vintage!).

This look is so adorable, one doesn’t need to be in Paris to own it…Pretty sure you can wear this in Toronto Lee! ;)

Rockstar Groupie

Lee Anne loves to pair contrasting pieces such as masculine leathers and with feminine silks. “ I am big on mixing different textures”. she admits. Here is a perfect example of her style.

We just love the contrast between the femininity of the silk blouse and the masculinity of the leather vest! Only a girl like Lee would think about this unexpected combo, which looks so perfect for a rock concert!

What to wear to a rock music concert

Rock concert outfit with leather vest

Rocker Chic Style

Leather Vest with Silk Blouse

Vintage Black Leather vest, Kensington Jeans, Silk Blouse from Zara, Sterling Lace up Booties.

Hell’s  Angel

Lee’s next look was somewhat more on the edgy side, with Leather Tights, a Biker Jacket and ankle boots. We absolutely love how she accessorized it with various necklaces for a  rocker chic appeal.

Military Chic Style

Leather Jacket with ankle boots and layered necklaces

Leather Jacket with Ankle Boots- Military Chic Style

Ankle Boots and Vintage Casio Watch

MIlitary Chic Style with Danier Leather Jacket

Danier Leather Jacket

Layering Necklaces

Danier Leather Jacket, Cole Haan Boots, Pants from Zara, Blouse purchased in Paris, Necklaces from Mendocino.

We know we said that we only asked for 3 outfits, but Lee had to get ready for her wine and cheese party and we just had to snap some pics of her with her birthday balloons as she got ready!

Party Girl is Getting Ready

Party Look with Sparkly Crop Top and High Waisted Pants

Party Girl Look with Green Balloons

Fashionista Home Sense

Lee-Anne is a true fashionista at heart, but her style sense doesn’t just end at her closet…Lee’s  cozy little apartment has such a big personality! The girl was able to make the space looks so elegant, with quaint decorations of glass vases, paintings, French Golden Era posters and fresh flowers. There is almost a rustic feel to it, which is offset by feminine accents that scream Lee-Anne!

Paris Inspired Home Accessories

French Antique Inspired Wall Decorations and Hooks

Art Deco White Wall Clock

Antique Jewellery Box

Interior Design done with vintage bad and quote toteLife is too important to be taken seriously! – Love the quote tote! We TOTALLY agree!

Crystal Chandelier

Bathroom Decorations

Blue silk blouse Zara

We hope you fall in love with Lee-Anne’s style as we much as we have! She has incredible taste when it comes to clothes and knows how to add a chic element to everything she touches.  Lee Anne is truly a Toronto fashionista!

Stay tuned for more special blog features as we raid the closets of Toronto’s most fashionable personalities!



How I Met Your Mother – Russia’s hottest Mama according to Vogue!

21 Apr

OK, so maybe Maryna Linchuk is not a mother in real life (yet), but she definitely fits the role in this month’s Russian Vogue editorial – “How I Met Your Mother”.  This Belarusian beauty shows the world how you can be a hot Mama and still mean business in sky-high stilletos, hot off the runway designer pieces, and some pretty adorable accessories children.  Not only are we going absolutely goo-goo, ga-ga over her wardrobe (which includes the likes of  Nina Ricci, Christian Louboutin, and Tom Ford), but also in her incredible ability to look so fierce while posing with kids! She must be taking notes  from Victoria Beckham herself – who has perfected the fierce look even with her real-life children at hand! Truth be told, we love this editorial because it celebrates the modern woman. A woman who can have a successful career, raise a family, run a household and look STUNNING while doing all of that! So, we dedicate this post to all the super women out there! Cheers!

Maryna Linchuk in Vogue Russia May 2012

Maryna Linchuk in Vogue 2012

Maryna Linchuk in Vogue Russia

Maryna Linchuk in Victoria Beckham Vogue Russia

Dress by Victoria Beckham – we knew she was an inspiration for this shoot!

Maryna Linchuk

Maryna Linchuk in Nina Ricci - Vogue

Notice the amazing Christian Louboutin shoes!

How I Met Your Mother Vogue Russia Editorial

How I Met Your Mother - May 2012 Vogue Russia

Vogue Russia May 2012 Cover - Maryna Linchuk

The cover shoot “Fashion Under the Sun” . Notice that Maryna is wearing the  LV dress that Kate Moss closed the Spring Summer 2012 show with! We told you that show was hot!


Coachella: Leave with a Bang!

18 Apr

For those of you who are following Coachella, you know that its gearing up for its last weekend of performances! If you’ve been lucky enough to attend, you  must be feeling so worn out by all the extreme fun, amazing music, and beautiful fashion that happens over there! Unfortunately, we’re left to only dream of being there and hoping for next year… So, we’ve dreamt up an outfit that we’d wear on the last weekend of Coachella – if you need some inspiration, here’s how you can leave the festival with a BANG!

Coachella: Love Child – If you’re a romantic type of girl, this look is for you. Its feminine, its soft, and its the perfect 70’s love child look!

Coachella Outfit

Coachella: Rock Chick – if you’re a bit rough around the edges, you will absolutely rock this look!

What to wear to Coachella 

Style Watch: Coachella 2012 Celebrity Fashion

15 Apr

coachella fashion 2012- by pavlyn boutique

Every year thousands of people gather to embrace their love for music at the Coachella festival in Indio, California. Celebrities and music lovers of all ages are united for 3 days with their favourite artists whether its rock, indie, hip hop or electronic music!

Aside from the amazing musical performances, we see incredible creativity in fashion during this time. Celebrities and spectators literally revert back to the hippie days of the 70’s, taking boho-chic to a whole new level. People dress specifically for the occasion – sporting clothing you’d never ever see them wearing otherwise. We see celebrities dressed in crop tops, bikini tops, ripped up jeans, rock n’ roll leather skirts, bohemian dresses and print trees in the craziest colours! One cannot really define these looks under any particular style category. There is only one way to say it – its Coachella festival fashion baby!

Here are some of our favourite Celebrity looks from Coachella:

Kat Bosworth in silk flowr print dress at Coachella 2012

Alessandra Ambrosio wearing crochet top at Coachella music festival 2012

Whitney Port print mixing at Coachella 2012

We love how Whit Whit mixed the patterns here- her look is so fun and edgy! You go girl!

Isabel Lucas in boho-chic maxi skirt at Coachella 2011 music festival

Isabel Lucas looks so 70’s in that boho chic maxi skirt and beaded headband. We told you headbands are SO in!

Vanessa Hudgens in prints and a cute hat at Coachella 2012

Diane Kruger in neutral maxi skirt at Coachella 2011

Alessanda Ambrosio boho chic style at Coachella 2011

Nicole Richie wearing a chiffon tunic and round sunnies at Coachella festival

Kate Bosworth being patriotic in a US flag tee at Coachella 2011

Alexa Chung looking army chic at Coachella music festival 2012

We love Alexa’s military chic style! The army jacket looks great with the light pastel romper underneath.

Kate Bosworth in neutral crochet dress at Coachella 2012

We just couldn’t wait for the crochet trend to come back- and here it is! Finally! Thank you Kate! You look phenom!

Nicole Richie in print shirt at Coachella 2012

We wish we could go to Cali too and rock out with the celebs, but we’ve been so busy with Pavlyn that it’s not even an option for us right now. Luckily, the Osheaga music festival in Montreal is just around the corner! We are fully planning on making an appearance there this August and will be using the Coachella style as inspiration for our outfits! In fact, we already have our ideal outfit picked out, and it goes something like this:

What to wear to a music festival- look inspired by Coachella

We hope you like our outfit choice and will be joining us at OSHEAGA in August!!!



Love Me Tender: Sweet Romantic Look

11 Apr

I don’t know what it is about Spring, but there is romance in the air!  The weather is getting warmer and its time to start peeling off some of those thick winter layers and showing a little bit of skin.

One of the trends I’ve wanted to wear for a while is thigh high knit stockings…they are very romantic without looking over the top seductive and are perfect for the early spring weather. I love the combination of the knit stockings with a short jean dress and a grey pinstripe vest or a grandpa sweater. It’s very sweet and has a lovely school girl feel to it, that is fresh and young. Isn’t that exactly what spring is all about!?

Romantic Look with Stockings and Dress

Spring romantic look with high stockings

My outfit: Zara Dress, Bedo grey pinstripe vest, Tommy Hilfiger grandpa sweater, Hue Stockings- (The stockings are amazing for wearing with shorts and over tights) , Enzo Angiolini Wedge Lace Up booties.

Sorry about the poor photo quality…I took these quickly with my phone’s camera. But, I hope you like it anyway :)



What to wear to: A Spring Bridal Shower

10 Apr

Zara Dress with black leather jacket

Over the past weekend, I was invited to a bridal shower for one of my girlfriends. Let me tell you, I haven’t been to many of these things before, so finding the perfect outfit proved somewhat of a tricky task.  There are so many rules! You shouldn’t really wear white (or even cream)…you don’t want to overdress…you don’t want to underdress – the outfit has to be…. just right! And seeing that we’ve been having some funny weather in Toronto, it wasn’t easy! After a long debate with my closet, I settled on this navy blue Zara dress, with a halter top and A-line skirt. I love how feminine it looks, especially with the pleats in the skirt – its perfect for a bridal shower or even a Sunday Brunch. Contrasting the feminine side of my outfit is my leather biker jacket – Love the way it looks with the skirt.

Spring Wedding Shower Outift

Tory Burch Wedges

Love my Tory Burch Wedges – its my summer staple!

Zara dress print details

The print on the dress is such a cute detail!

Zara A-line Halter Dress

My Outfit: Zara Navy Blue Dress, Danier Black Leather Jacket , Tory Burch Wedges , Gucci Sunglasses.

Office Space: Classic Everyday Work Outfit

5 Apr

Today, I had one of those days when I had a really hard time deciding what to wear to work! I don’t know about you, but this happens to me sometimes when I wake up (*late) and I stand before my closet staring at the magnitude of clothes with my sleepy eyes…completely confused and overwhelmed! I don’t know why I have such a hard time…maybe its the pressure of the whole situation or the fact that I clearly didn’t get enough sleep! I don’t normally have a difficulty dressing myself…BUT when it comes to crunch time, like when its most important to quickly pick what to wear and run out the door, I literally feel like a deer caught in the headlights!

This is why I’ve decided to have a couple of emergency office outfits ready to go!  After all, a girl should be prepared for days like this. It saves so much time when you’re running late, or when you’re just lazy and want to sleep in instead of spending time picking an outfit! Given that most of us work in an office environment, like me, one has to consider the fact that we have to use some discretion in our clothing choices. This is why I always opt for the classic looks when it comes to picking a quick outfit for work.

Office outfit with Club Monaco pinstripe dress shirt and navy dress pants

Voila! This is the look I chose for myself today, as I was running late! To make it look a little less corporate, I accessorized with some big glasses, pearl earrings, oversized watch, and some bracelets.  Plus, I braided my hair to side for a sweetheart, school girl feel.

I think one can never go wrong with a pin-stripe dress shirt, sleek tailored dress pants, and patent black pumps! This gives a perfect combination of a clean cut look with a slightly feminine twist. Its a total power combo that makes you look so pulled together and professional, no one will ever know you’ve overslept!

What to wear to the office

My outfit: Club Monaco Pinstripe Two tone Dress shirt,  Zara Woman Navy Blue tailored Dress Pants, BCBG Generation Black Patent Leather Pumps, Michael Kors Black Leather Bag, Marc Jacobs Glasses

I hope you like my basic office look and it helps you on those difficult mornings when you just don’t know what to wear to work :)



Girl On Fire: Jennifer Lawrence

4 Apr

So, we just went to see HUNGER GAMES, starring the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence.  (SPOILER ALERT!!!) The movie was so intense, we were both sitting on the edge of our seats, praying for Jennifer’s survival! Obviously, we haven’t read the book and had no idea how this tale-twisting story would end, so every turn in the plot left us clenching onto our arm-rests. We were so relieved when Jennifer’s character, Katniss, survives by basically beating some strong bad guys, tricking the game maker and outrunning three enormous mutant dogs! YAY! GIRL POWER! Overall great film, definitely tres entertaining, but left us with some unanswered questions (or perhaps a sequel in the making?)

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss the Archer in the Hunger Games

What we didn’t have a doubt about is that we loved Jennifer Lawrence in the movie!  She is  just so feminine and graceful and is definitely not the type of pretty girl you would normally expect to win in a fight like the Hunger Games. Yet, she has this poise that reminds us that she carries the strength and determination and courage of Katniss, making her perfect for the role!

jennifer lawrence portrait ASOS magazine

Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of Spring 2011 issue of Another Magazine

Jennifer Lawrence looking hot for Glamour Magazine Spring 2012

Jennifer Lawrence GQ Cover

Jennifer Lawrence in Flare Magazine February 2012

Jennifer Lawrence in yellow dress on the cover of Flare Magazine Feb 2012

Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of Flare Magazine February 2012

Jennifer Lawrence in striped shorts in ASOS Magazine- Summer 2012 issue

Jennifer Lawrence in pink jeans in ASOS Magazine- Summer 2012 issue
Jennifer Lawrence in blue tee in ASOS Magazine- Summer 2012 issue

Jennifer Lawrence in ASOS Magazine- Summer 2012 issue

Jennifer Lawrence in IO Magazine in GUCCI Colour Blocking

Jennifer Lawrence wearing a gold top on Glamour Magazine Cover April 2012

Jennifer Lawrence in Flare Magazine February 2012- behind the scenes

jennifer-lawrence portrait- xmen

jennifer lawrence in glamour UK

Oh Jennifer, you are just so fierce! Jennifer Lawrence is not your typical 21 year old! She is beautiful and determined, getting one of Hollywood”s most coveted roles in The HUNGER GAMES! Already an Oscar nominee, we’re sure that you’ll be seeing a lot more of her as she takes on the world with her award winning roles!  Next on the list, is a film called ” The Silver Linings Playbook” where she plays Serena, with co-star Bradley Cooper.  We’re totally rooting for her!  Go00..Jen!



Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012

2 Apr

As we’re getting our wardrobe ready for summer 2012, we’ve started to reflect on what the world’s largest fashion houses were putting forth for the upcoming season. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton has particulary been engraved in our minds, and continues to inspire us endlessly.  What happened in the last collection of Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 can only be described as MAGICAL. The audience became witness to Jacobs’ fantasy turned reality, as models entered the runway seated on the white horses of a carousel. One by one, the models walked the runway in this surreal fairytale of a show, which only a visionary like Marc Jacobs could bring to life. And of course, Jacobs was dead on with the hottest summer trends – the dreamy pastels, feminine silhouettes, a-line skirts, and lace are exactly what we’re after this season. The highlight of the show was Kate Moss, looking like a fairytale in a white baby doll feathers dress and a silver headband. Embodying the theme of the show, Moss exuded feminine softness and elegance, all the while maintaining that fierce look of strength in her eyes. It is amazing to see how designers like Marc Jacobs can not only turn dreams into reality, but also predict upcoming trends with such clarity. As spring is already here, it will be interesting to watch how Jacob’s predictions are coming to life. After all – isn’t that what fashion is all about? Dream big, but live even bigger!

Louis Vuitton Carousel

Bet the audience had to pinch themselves twice to make sure they’re not dreaming!

Louis Vuitton spring 2012 trends

Bold eyes contrasting crisp white and lace

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2012 Looks

Louis Vuitton Show 2012

Louis Vuitton Carousel Show

Exaggerated femininity was a strong theme at the Marc Jacobs’ show for LV

louis vuitton summer 2012 fashion show

From mint greens, cupcake pinks, to ice blue, dreamy pastels rocked the show

Kate Moss for Louis Vuitton 2012

Kate Moss was the show stopper in this adorable outift!

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