How I Met Your Mother – Russia’s hottest Mama according to Vogue!

21 Apr

OK, so maybe Maryna Linchuk is not a mother in real life (yet), but she definitely fits the role in this month’s Russian Vogue editorial – “How I Met Your Mother”.  This Belarusian beauty shows the world how you can be a hot Mama and still mean business in sky-high stilletos, hot off the runway designer pieces, and some pretty adorable accessories children.  Not only are we going absolutely goo-goo, ga-ga over her wardrobe (which includes the likes of  Nina Ricci, Christian Louboutin, and Tom Ford), but also in her incredible ability to look so fierce while posing with kids! She must be taking notes  from Victoria Beckham herself – who has perfected the fierce look even with her real-life children at hand! Truth be told, we love this editorial because it celebrates the modern woman. A woman who can have a successful career, raise a family, run a household and look STUNNING while doing all of that! So, we dedicate this post to all the super women out there! Cheers!

Maryna Linchuk in Vogue Russia May 2012

Maryna Linchuk in Vogue 2012

Maryna Linchuk in Vogue Russia

Maryna Linchuk in Victoria Beckham Vogue Russia

Dress by Victoria Beckham – we knew she was an inspiration for this shoot!

Maryna Linchuk

Maryna Linchuk in Nina Ricci - Vogue

Notice the amazing Christian Louboutin shoes!

How I Met Your Mother Vogue Russia Editorial

How I Met Your Mother - May 2012 Vogue Russia

Vogue Russia May 2012 Cover - Maryna Linchuk

The cover shoot “Fashion Under the Sun” . Notice that Maryna is wearing the  LV dress that Kate Moss closed the Spring Summer 2012 show with! We told you that show was hot!


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