Style Icon: Olivia Palermo and her style secrets revealed!

20 May

Whether you love her or hate her, there is no arguing that New York socialite, model and actress, Olivia Palermo has impeccable style! Like every real style icon, Olivia is a fashion guru who knows how to create a perfectly polished outfit that is classic, elegant and trendy! Whether posing on the red carpet or simply on the go, we can count on Olivia to look fabulous and chic! We love Olivia’s natural flair for creating styles, mixing clothing and putting together stellar outfits!

We’ve tried to understand what it is behind her style sense that makes her looks so chic every time and discovered 4 major style secrets that inspire us so much  we had to share them with you too!

Style Secret # 1: Olivia’s style is particularly inspiring as she effortlessly mixes high and low-end products in creating a true signature look! We’re totally inspired by Olivia for combining both designer and street fashions, such as Zara and Topshop, allowing her to become a budding style icon!

Olivia Palermo wearing flowered Zara dress and Charlotte Olympia "Paloma" purple heels

Olivia rocked a floral dress from Zara and paired it with Charlotte Olympia “Paloma” purple heels, Lulu frost necklace and a totally stunning Ostrich feather tote! This look is perfection and just shows us how one doesn’t need to spend a fortune to look like a fashion editor!

Style Secret # 2: Just like us, Olivia has an admiration for…statement necklaces! Case and point – see outfit above! Olivia never leaves home without a dazzling necklace and is known for turning heads with her bold, beautiful and chunky pieces! She truly demonstrates to us the power of statement necklaces and their ability to completely transform any outfit!

Olivia Palermo wearing statement necklace and gold blazer

Olivia Palermo wearing statement necklace

Olivia Palermo in striped top statement necklace by Roberta Freymann

Olivia Palermo in white blouse and statement necklace
Style Secret # 3: Olivia knows that a good blazer can pull any look together! Whether wearing a blazer over a cocktail dress or high waisted shorts, Olivia always looks well styled and effortlessly chic! We just love the way Olivia spices up her outfits by adding the most unexpected of blazers:  coloured, striped, double breasted, neutral or sequenced – the girl has rocked them all!!
Olivia Palermo in hot pink blazer with leather shorts
We love how Olivia incorporates a bright pink blazer to add a colourful punch to her outfit! The trick is to wear a colourful blazer while keeping the rest of your outfit simple!
Olivia Palermo wearing orange double breasted blazer
Olivia Palermo wearing striped nautical blazer
Olivia Palermo wearing neutral coloured blazer
Olivia Palermo wearing a silver sequenced blazer
 Style Secret #4: Olivia adores wearing Maxi skirts! And why wouldn’t she? Maxi skirts in all colours and fabrics create an amazing look,  all the while elongating the body and creating a slender hourglass silhouette!  Whether it be summer or winter, she knows just how to adapt the skirt to create a multitude of outfits! Olivia pairs her maxi skirts with button downs to create a casual look! To create a show-stopping appearance, Olivia opts for fur vests and chiffon blouses, creating a effortlessly chic boho appearance!
Olivia Palermo wearing brown maxi skirt  and army green top
Oliva Palermo in light blue print Maxi skirt and button down
Olivia Palermo wearing maxi skirt with fur vest
Olivia Palermo wearing maxi skirt with black fur vest
We just adore Olivia and her signature style! Recreate Olivia’s trendy outfits by investing in similar essential pieces, we know we will!

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