We’re Wild about Wildfox Couture!

9 Jun

With the launch of Pavlyn Boutique underway, it’s the perfect time to reveal one of our favourite celebrity worn brands – Wildfox Couture! Available at Pavlyn Boutique, this vintage-inspired line brings soft, fun tee’s and and cozy sweaters, it’s no surprise that Wildfox Couture is a fashion staple for celebrities and fashionistas! Childhood friends Emily Faulstich and Kimberly Gordon are the creative forces behind Wildfox Couture. The young designers gave birth to their line based on love and having fun with your best friend! We absolutely adore this brand for its irresistible designs, vintage inspired tees and cozy fabrics!

Whether you’re heading to one of this summer’s music festivals or you just need a warm sweater for a breezy summer night, having Wildfox in your ensemble will ensure that you’ll be rocking a comfy yet adorable outfit!  After all, who ever said that style has to compromise comfort?!!! We are thrilled to be selling one of our favourite sweaters by Wildfox at Pavlyn Boutique! Celebrities are loving these Wildfox trademark  sweaters!

Get comfortable in this ultra-trendy Southern Heart Baggy Beach Jumper  from Wildfox, because you’ll never want to take it off! Pair this sweater with cute jeans shorts, bright bracelets and some chic sunnies – you’ll create a hip, casual outfit that is impossible to ignore!

Southern Heart Baggy Beach Jumper from Wildfox Couture

 If you’re heading out with the gals for a casual night, pair this lovely Country Club Baggy Beach Jumper with coloured denim jeans! Add some colourful bangles, a cute-crossbody, adorable flats and you’ll be on your way! This vintage navy sweater will keep you looking ultra-trendy (and feeling cozy!) all night long – Now that’s a win win!!

Country Club Baggy Beach Jumper by Wildfox

Celebs including Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Love Hewitt are only a few of the many celebs that have been spotted rocking this comfy yet ultra-stylish brand! The big question is…who wore the Baggy Beach Jumper best???

Jennifer Lopez in Wildfox baggy beach jumper in white

Taylor Swift in Wildfox Couture baggy heart beach jumper in white

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Baggy Beach Jumper by Wildfox

We hope that everyone is excited to snuggle up while looking ultra-trendy in these Baggy Beach Jumpers!! We know we are!!!



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