What fashion blogs to follow? Here are our Top picks!

20 Jul

With the increasing amount of fashion blogs in cyberspace, there are so many great blogs to read out there! Like all fashionistas, we check-out hundreds of fashion blogs daily to keep us up-to-date on the latest styles, celebrity trends and emerging fashions! There are so many amazing fashion bloggers in Canada and today we’re going to tell you our top 10 favourites…and they are superb! From red carpet events to best dressed celebs, these blogs will cover all of your fashion needs! Drum roll please….!

1. Jak & Jil

With gorgeous photographs of superb street style fashion, who wouldn’t love Jak & Jil? Tommy Ton, a one-of-a-kind Canadian photographer, created Jak & Jil in 2005. Today, Ton has successfully captured the trendiest fashionistas and couture designs through his unique photo blog! Tommy’s photographs will give you the inside scoop into the glamorous world of fashion! Get ready to be absurd by his brilliant photography skills inspired by style that is nothing short of perfect! It’s no wonder why Ton’s detailed-orientated shots have been a favourite in the fashion industry!

Jak & Jill Blog

Jak & Jil Blog

We are absolutely smitten over this blog! In 2010, Alexandra Grant created To Vogue or Bust, as a personal style album and uncensored diary…and today it’s our daily must-read! Having recently joined FASHION Magazine’s Style Panel, Alexandra’s take to some of the panel’s style questions on her blog is one of our favourite features!  This Vancouverite’s natural beauty and great style makes for a killer combination which will guarantee to leave you inspired.
To Vogue or Bust
To Vogue or Bust
To Vogue or Bust
To Vogue or Bust
From daily fashion picks to the hottest “it” items, Monika is a fashionista at heart that never misses a beat! Monika, a Vancouver fashion blogger, is empowered by following her heart, passion, dreams and is always reaching to learn more! From discussing floral pants, pretty pastels or peplums, Monika will keep you updated on the hottest fashion trends and products! This blog is so captivating you seriously stand the risk of becoming addicted (or spending a lot more time on it than you originally intended). We especially love reading Monika’s advice on how to spice up your Monday outfit…which according to her, can easily go from drab to fab! Check our her blog to find out how!
Monika from the Doctors closet
The Doctor's Closet by Monika
Cara is the brilliant and stylish Vancouver fashion blogger behind the creation of A Fashion Love Affair. If you love dressing effortlessly chic, this is the perfect blog for you! It’s impossible not to love Cara’s laid-back, West-Coast style! Cara knows the fashion is the best way to express personal style! Whether you need outfit inspiration for a special brunch, casual work day, or night-out with the gals, Cara’s photographs will leave you with great ideas on how to create ultra-trendy looks!
A Fashion Love Affair
A Fashion Love Affair Neon Mix
Her Waise Choice is a superb personal style blog by Jen that will keep you up-to-date on the latest fashion must-haves from a business girls’ perspective! Jen is a Vancouver girl who believes that you can be stylish without being superficial (we couldn’t agree more!). Jen is a recent BBA Marketing graduate who aspires to use that philosophy in her work and life. Jen finds great style in fabulous colour combinations, so it’s natural for Jen to mix colours to create beautiful and fresh looking ensembles!
Her Waise Choice
Her Waise Choice
We wish it was that easy! Do you love reading about the latest product reviews, GTA sample sales, fashion show news, Toronto events and hot designer trends!? If so, this blog is calling your name! Anita Clarke is the editor and founder of  I Want I Got which focuses on everything shopping, fashion and Toronto! We LOVE the main concept of this blog…it is brilliant! The blog discusses hot fashion products and sizzling accessories that the bloggers “want.” From colorful wedges to gorgeous handbags,  ‘I want-I got’ will leave you wanting so many extrordinary fashion goodies that you will just have to go out and get them for yourself!
I Want I Got blog with Casey Wedge
I Want I Got Fashion Blog
I Want I Got NARS nail polish
I Want I Got NARS nail polish
Kristine Diane Faustino is the face behind The Girl With The Messy Hair! Within four months of KD moving from the Philippines to Alberta, Canada, her blog was featured as one of the top 15 Canadian Fashion Blogs of 2010…now that’s impressive! KD’s blog is about real-life fashion, her personal inspirations and everything in the world of fashion! We love the way KD is undeniably chic when creating urban boho-style outfits! With so many adorable creations, we can’t wait to see what KD pieces together next!
The Girl With the Messy Hair
The Girl with the Messy Hair
The Girl with the Messy Hair
Julie created Pop Champagne back in 2009 when she first moved from Taipei to Ottawa. Pop Champagne was a way for Julie to meet some friends in her new city…and eventually it turned into the success it is today! If you’re ever in the mood to browse some fashionable lookbooks, Pop Champagne will not disappoint! We’re completely infatuated with Julie’s unique and creative DIYs! From creating your own ombre denim shorts to a dazzling shoe makeover, DIYs never sounded like so much fun!
Pop Champagne DIY friendship bracelet
Pop Champagne Friendship Bracelet DIY
Pop Champagne DIY Friendship Bracelet
Pop Champagne DIY Friendship Bracelet
She Shops the City is a Toronto fashion blog for the discerning fashionista looking for upscale options in the heart of Toronto! You can always count on SSTC to provide the best information on fashion trends, fashion shows, shopping parties, secret discounts and the best personal styling advice! SSTC will embark on the fashion hunt for only the freshest boutiques that true fashionable city girls will appreciate!
She Shops the City blog
She Shops the City Blog
Last but not least!  If you love learning about influencers in Toronto, Vancouver, New York  & North America, you’ve come to the right place! An influencer is an individual that has an authoritative voice and knows the ins and outs of their industry! We can always count on StyleDemocracy influencers to bring us the latest information, whether it be shopping, style, events, people, parties and much much more! Plus, StyleDemocracy will never fall short of providing you with exclusive designer sample sale listings, the latest insider events and the hottest new fashion updates!
We hope that everyone is loving these Canadian fashion blogs as much as we do!!

2 Responses to “What fashion blogs to follow? Here are our Top picks!”

  1. crazystylelove July 22, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

    What a fabulous list of blogs! It’s so wonderful to know that we have such a fantastic and stylish selection of Canadian blogs representing us!!!

    xo Jenny

    • PAVLYN July 22, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

      Thanks for checking out our list, and there are some definitely reading-worthy blogs on there. Canada is full of fashionistas!



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