Pavlyn Girls meet Nat & Marie

21 Jul

This week we had the honour of being featured on the Nat and Marie show season finale. It was such an amazing experience! We loved meeting the girls in person and all the people behind this show. When we were first contacted by them, we were very flattered that they heard of us! After all Pavlyn Boutique is still a baby in the internet world of online fashion stores.  But, we were no strangers to Nat and Marie. These saavy ladies truly know what is trending on the internet and have heard about us only a couple of weeks after the official launch. Soo, when we were invited to be on the season finale of their show, along with the incredible fashion inspiration, Myles Sexton, we thought Ah-mazing!

Nat and Marie cover everything viral on the internet and sometimes they are ‘ahead of the headlines by as much as  a year!’ So, if you want to stay on top of what’s trending, and have a few good laughs, you should definitely check out their show –!

Here are some pics from backstage the show and you can check out the complete episode with our interview  at

Pavlyn Girls with Myles Sexton and Nat and Marie

Backstage nat and marie show with Myles Sexton

Myles and I look a little bit like we’re in love in this pic….and its true, we are! His creativity is contagious and he is such an inspiration to us!

Marie wearing Paper Crown Twain Skirt in Navy Garden Bloom

Nat wearing Pavlyn Keepsake Lost without you dress in mustard yellow

Of course, we just had to dress the girls for the season finale, so you can see Marie wearing the beautiful Paper Crown Twain skirt and Nat in the Keepsake Lost Without You Dress. The girls looked so gorgeous!

Thank you so much for having us! We can’t wait for the next season of the show!




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