Inspiration: Epic Celebrity Halloween Costumes

20 Oct

It’s that time of the year again, when the pressure of finding the perfect Halloween outfit starts to hit. Not sure about you, but I really like to make a statement on Halloween. So, I like to seek inspiration from Celebrity costumes since they always take their disguises to a new level! While some of their ideas might be a little ‘out there’ and could only work for a crazy party at Heidi and Seals’ old house, others are totally do-able! Check out some of the looks our favourite celebrities have dared to sport on Halloween and what we have to say about them!

Gwen Stephani as Cinderella

Gwen made sure every detail is covered when she chose to be Cinderella and she looked stunning! However, we don’t know if this costume is sexy enough for us.

Paris Hilton in Native American Costume

Paris as Native Indian or Pocahontas?? That headpiece is so hot!…but the whole look is very revealing might be a little too sexy for us! After all we live in Canada and its getting way too cold to wear a bikini to a club!

Rihanna as Tigger

We love RiRi’s Halloween Style! As per usual, she looks so awesome!

Lea Michelle as Black Swan

Black Swan was a common sight from Halloween 2011! This is so last year, but the idea is to choose a costume that’s PopCulture – KATNISS from Hunger Games ANYONE???

Lo Bosworth Hallowee Costume Little Red Riding Hood

This is so cute! We love the flowers and the basket details Lo added to her Halloween look!

Lauren Conrad Flapper Girl Halloween Costume

This is our all time favourite Halloween look! Its timeless and classy!

Kim Kardashian in Super Woman Halloween Costume

Kim is a perfect Super Woman! She exudes so much confidence flaunting her curves in this sexy costume! You go girl!

Here are some celebrity looks that will make you LOL!

Heidi Klum as bodies costume


Heidi Klum as an Indian God


Heidi Klum and Seal in their Ape Costumes

Heidi takes her Halloween costumes very seriously!!

Snooki in Leopard Halloween Costume

While Snooki dresses up as a Leopard Girl, there are hundred’s of girls dressing up as her regular self!

The trick is to find something that will ‘wow’ all your friends. So whether you want to dress up like a giant ape or a little red riding hood, make sure you go all out and don’t leave ANY details unattended!

We’re still figuring out what to wear, but hope that this serves up some inspiration for you guys! Stay tuned for a post on our Halloween Ideas and Good Luck finding yours!



One Response to “Inspiration: Epic Celebrity Halloween Costumes”

  1. Helen October 23, 2012 at 9:12 am #

    haha love the comment about Snooki!

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