Celebrity Obsession: Rick Genest

20 Nov

We already admitted to loving the Skeletal trend! Call us crazy, but this obsession is about to go a step further. Let’s look back to 2011, when  Lady Gaga introduced a whole new level of creativity in her  ‘Born this way video’ – remember her dancing with the hot skeleton, rocking some skeletal makeup and pink hair? That’s right! That hot man wasn’t wearing makeup, those are real tattoo’s ladies and gentlemen! After that video, French Fashion house Thierry Mugler introduced the Canadian model, Rick Genest, to their runways and ad campaigns and we’ve been in love with him ever since! And we’re not alone, Genest has been featured in numerous Vogue issues, appeared in music videos and TV shows all over the world!

Hot Zombie Boy

Zombie Boy for Thierry Mugler

Seriously! Look him up! He is a real male ‘Cinderella’ story.

Also known as Zombie boy, he grew up on the downtown streets of Montreal and worked as a squeegee kid.  But in late 2010, this punk rock kid, was discovered by Lady Gaga’s fashion director and Mugler’s creative director, Nicola Formichetti.  By January 2011, Rick was featured in the new Thierry Mugler Autumn/Winter men’s collection, headlining it on the brand’s website. It was Genest’s discovery and Gaga’s urging which actually resulted in the menswear show, something not originally planned and influenced Formichetti on the collection itself! The show was accompanied by a video featuring Genest shot by fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco. He was later featured alongside Lady Gaga in the fashion show for the women’s 2011 Autumn/Winter line.

Not only do we feel proud that such a beautiful person is Canadian, but also, we think that he is a truly creative, and unique individual. His body is completely covered by tattoo’s resembling the decaying human body, insects, bones and morbid words. Normally, one would be really put off by such a look, but we’re totally turned on by it!

What do you think?


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