Welcome to Pavlyn’s Blog!

The Pavlyn Girls

Pavlyn was started in 2011 by two best friends, from a dream to go on a life changing journey together and open a boutique that carries all of our favourite brands.  Our inspiration for Pavlyn was driven by our love affair with style , celebrities and everything that is fresh and novel in fashion.

Opening a business with your best friend is so exciting!  Since we started, our lives have changed so drastically, but in a good way….no actually, in a really amazing way! We’ve met incredible people – designers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. We’ve learned so much about the world of celebrity style and continue to learn more and more each day. We never thought in a million years that we would be doing this and are so grateful to be able to do it together!

We want this blog to be a candid diary of our progress towards attaining our dream, a colourful album of our personal style, and an open door into our closets and our boutique. Pavlyn’s blog is truly a collection of our thoughts and inspirations for everything that has to do with style, celebrities and everything in between!

We hope you enjoy reading and get inspired!



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