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What to wear, what to wear? Wedding season has begun!

1 Apr

What to wear to a wedding

The wedding season is upon us and with it come loads of engagement parties, bridal showers and wedding receptions. It’s hard to keep up with all these formal occasions for both our social lives and our closets! Especially when each of these occasions requires a different kind of outfit depending on the time of day, venue and formality of the event! We follow a simple set of rules when choosing our outfits:

  1. No White – No matter how good it looks on you, it’s the bride’s special day/time and you don’t want to be mistaken for the bride or steal any of her thunder. Even when it’s not the actual wedding, like an engagement party, there is a high chance the bride will wear white, so it’s better to avoid the color all together.  
  2. No Sequin – Unless you’re heading to a bachelorette party at a club, sequin is a big “no-no”! It will make you look really flashy and overdressed.
  3. No Jeans/Casual wear– Even if you’re going to an informal event, avoid being too casual. Wearing a feminine sundress will always be the winning option over a pair of jeans and t-shirt.
  4. No Short dresses to a Wedding –  Although wearing a cute short dress to an engagement party is totally appropriate,  weddings are a special occasion! Day time and evening weddings require you to look more or less formal. Avoid anything that will make you look too sexy! You want to look elegant and be respectful to the wedding party, so the length of your dress should be appropriate, meaning just above the knee or a maxi.

A simple LBD will normally do the job for any formal occasion, and never seems to disappoint when you’re in a real ‘pickle’ and haven’t found a dress in time.  If you have some time, and want a cute summer dress, then shopping online is the best way to find the right style in a hassle free way! It’s fast, comfortable and there are lot’s of options to choose from! We’ve collected a few great options from our on-line store for every wedding occasion!

Colours, Florals and Flirty skirts are ideal for a daytime party! But remember if you opt for a short hemline, make sure the top part of the dress is covered.  Here are some great styles from that we think are perfect!

Paper_Crown_Madame Dress

Paper Crown Silk Madame Dress – $159


Blaque Label Kick Pleat Dress – $75


Contrarian NYC Byrdie Bow Dress – $305

If you’re looking for a more formal attire for an evening event or a wedding, these are some great style options!

Keepsake say_you_will_dress

Keepsake Say You Will Dress – $178

Keepsake State of the Art Dress

Keepsake State of the Art Dress – $165

contrarian_barb_bibb dress navy

Contrarian NYC Barbara Bibb Dress – $405

The best thing about all these looks is that you will be able to wear them over and over, not only to a wedding party, but to any of your other summer events! We hope that these outfits and our 4 rules for surviving the wedding season help you out. Please share with us if you too have a special way of coping.



Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes Recipe from France!

14 Oct

It’s true that Chocolate Lava cakes are every girls guilty pleasure! After all, who doesn’t love a perfectly soft and warm dark chocolate dessert served with some vanilla ice cream and strawberries? Before we knew how easy Lava cakes were to make, we always considered them a delicacy, only to be enjoyed at restaurants, such as Terroni’s. Until a couple of years ago, we met an incredible guy from Paris, France who invited us for dinner and surprised us with Fondant au Chocolat! After begging him for his mothers recipe, he finally sent it to us and now we’re sharing the goodness with the rest of the world!

Ladies, prepare to indulge…

Molten Lava Cake Recipe for 2 people: 

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe


1 egg
25 g of sugar power
15 g of flour
50 g of butter
50 g of dark chocolate






Note: Prepare this right before desert time. The ingredients should not be left to sit after they have been mixed.

  1. Preheat the oven for 200°C.
  2. Mix the egg and sugar in a salad bowl with a mixer until white and fluffy (This is the key of the recipe, you really have to mix the egg and sugar well and for a long time until its hardened.
  3. Add the flour and mix together.
  4. Melt the chocolate and the butter in a small pot (or in the microwave), and mix-in with the rest of the mixture in the salad bowl.
  5. Better the two baking forms and flour the sides. Pour the mixture into the forms and add a square of dark chocolate into the middle of the mixture to have a more melted center.
  6. Couple of minutes before dessert time, bake the lava cakes 10 – 12 minutes at 200°.
  7. Delicately remove the lava cakes from the forms by turning them over onto a dessert plate.

They are absolutely delicious. You can win hearts with these incredibly decadent desserts- guaranteed!

Bon Appetit!


Pavlyn’s First Pop-Up Shop!

19 Sep

Between movie fests and shopping nights out we were crazy enough to squeeze in our very first pop-up sale on September 7th!  Thank you to all our shoppers who made it out that night and made it such a success. In case you missed it, don’t worry – we are definitely planning to have another pop-up soon!

Pavlyn Celebrity Pop Up Shop

One of the Pavlyn Girls Setting Up for the Sale


The Pavlyn Girls

First of all, we want to send a big THANK YOU to Angela and Valentina from The Store On Queen (TSOQ) at 719 Queen Street West, where our event took place. We love their mix of sexy and edgy pieces, and they were so sweet to let us use their phenomenal venue for all our dresses, jeans, blazers, and accessories.

Second of all, we want to thank all our interns and friends who helped us make this event a reality! Especially, Lee Anne, Ruth and Stacey. We couldn’t have done it without you girls.

Thank you to The Store On Queen (TSOQ)

Dresses, Blazers and Deepa Gurnani Crystal Headpieces

The night was hot, because of the sexy clothes (of course!) and… maybe the broken AC ;) but thank goodness we had a little bubbly to cool us down!

The Pop-Up Sale Begins

We had some great sales and were able to feature some of our newest arrivals like the Keepsake Say You Will dress. Shoppers couldn’t keep their hands off our Naven, Blaque Label and For Love and Lemons dresses and blazers! It’s always so fun to see how people pair our pieces to create their own looks!

J Brand Jeans, Keepsake & For Love and Lemons Dresses

Our new Deepa Gurnani crystal headpieces were brilliant and Maria sparkled in hers throughout the night. If you’re tired of the same old accessories and want to try something new, these little headbands are a total show stopper and will instantly dress up any outfit, look super cute, and dazzle everyone! Plus, the celebs are loving Deepa’s handmade bands!

Pop-up sales are such a great way to meet new people and get an idea of what our customers like! We just love seeing the dresses in person and providing styling tips on the spot! Overall, it was a really fun night and we loved meeting all of you!

Keep your eyes out for our next pop-up. And let us know if there’s a neighbourhood you’d like to see us in!



Pavlyn Girls Photoshoot – Summer 2012

13 Sep

Photoshoots are always such a stressful experience! They leave us running around town, coordinating hair appointments and make-up, all the while making sure the photographers and the clothes are on set at the right time. We’re not sure if it would be better or worse if we hired models that we had to coordinate in addition to all this! Here is a little sneak peak of all the craziness from our last shoot for our Summer 2012 collection with Photographer Matthew De Miglio of District PR (God bless them for being so patient and making this experience so fun!)


Mimosas are a must have for a Shoot!

Blaque Label Sweetheart Chiffon Dress

Pavlyn Boutique on the big screen – all set and ready to go!

J Brand Zoey Lipstick Red Skinny's

A working it for the camera in JBrand’s Hot Lipstick Red Zoey Skinnies

Checking Pics for colours

Always have to keep checking the images to ensure we’re happy with the way the colours and fabrics are appearing!

Hair and Make up

Final Touch ups before going on Camera! Everything has to look perfect!

Reviewing the shots

Check out little Cleo helping with the photoshoot! LOL

JBrand Skinny Palisade Jeans

Striking a pose in the JBrand Skinny Palisade Jeans

La Mer Watches

La Mer watches are the perfect accessory to any look!

Naven Bombshell Dress in Cali Blue

Shooting the Naven Bombshell Dress in Cali Blue

Blaque Label Pleats Dress in Coral

I loved shooting this little number! It’s so fun and flirty!

Fashion Shoot

Making sure the dress will fall perfectly for the is easy with Contrarian Barbara Bibb!

Contrarian Bydie Bow DressPhotoshootNo Papparazzi Shots Please!Cleo, our little helper!Photographer Matthew De MiglioShoes Shoes ShoesNaven Bombshell Dress in Cali BlueJJ Winters Envelope Clutches in all coloursPaper Crown Twain Maxi SkirtImage

When we see the final product on our site, its so easy to forget how much work goes into making it all. We love to document the experience ‘behind-the-scenes’ to remind ourselves of the process and remember to enjoy every minute of it! We are now prepping for our Fall 2012 shoot, which promises to be one of our most exciting collections to date! So stay tuned for all our amazing new Fall Fashion and of course a documentary of our journey there!



Osheaga or Veld – Music Festival Style Tips

5 Aug

The Civic Long Weekend has finally approached and we couldn’t be more excited! With summer festival season hitting Canada, it’s important to jump on the festival style wagon! When heading to these amazing festivities including Osheaga and Veld, its important to look stylish (hello cute boys!) while being able to dance to the fabulous music! Don’t fret! We’ve got the hottest festival approved style that will keep you looking fabulous when rocking out to The Black Keys and Metric! By combining boho-chic and downtown cool, we guarantee that you’ll be rocking the perfect festival street style!

Greylin Gemma Lace Skirt

Greylin’s Gemma Lace Skirt is the perfect touch to add to your stylish festival outfit! The fresh white looks stunning with any colour combination, making it this season’s must-have! Pair this lovely skirt with a distressed denim vest, black studded booties and a fierce fringe cross-body! We expect to see lots of leather, lace and super edgy styles at Veld and Osheaga, so this outfit is absolutely perfect for the music festivals! Get this oh-so adorable lace skirt now at! 


We absolutely love the Noir Jewelry Shaka Lanyard Bracelet, they are a blast from the past! Who doesn’t remember making these fun bracelets at summer camp as kids! These bracelets are the perfect arm candy to rock at the festivals! These bracelets are the ultimate mixture of bohemian air and urban sophistication! Pile them on or wear them alone for a style that is all your own! Grab a cute pair of faded jeans with a bright bralet! Add a vibrant cross-body and you’ll look fabulous rocking out to the hottest tunes!

J.J Winters envelope clutch

Get your dose of animal print with this elegant, J.J. Chain Envelope Croco Clutch! The clutch features elegant snake-print  leather details with hints of silver and a silver chain! Lightweight, slender and versatile, this clutch is equipped with a chain which lets you sling it over your shoulder, perfect for dancing the day and night away at the festival! Pair this sleek clutch with a mini lace dress, cute bangles and hip sunnies, and you’ll look ultra-chic! Add the perfect shade of nail polish to brighten up your outfit, we’re loving neon yellow!


The La Mer Collection Charm watch with brown leather is the perfect fashion accessory to wear to the music festival! This pretty watch is perfect arm candy to accessory with a simple shorts and tee look! What a statement this watch makes! We’re so thrilled that it’s now available at! 

We can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing this weekend!



Inside a Toronto Fashionista’s Closet

24 Apr

Ever wonder what other Fashionistas like you have hidden in their closets???  We definitely think about it every time we meet someone ultra stylish.  Just like when we stalk our favourite bloggers for style ideas, these people can be a great source of inspiration. After all, fashion and style are not only for those who work for fashion magazines and runways! So, we set out on a mission to get a closer look at the everyday style of Toronto’s most fashionable personalities, covering everything from their favourite clothing pieces to their home décor.  For our very first feature, we chose one of the most stylish people we know and one of our closest friends, Lee –Anne!

Sparkly Crop Top Party Outfit

Fashionista Profile

Lee-Anne is a girl with a big style and an even bigger heart! We met Lee in University and have known her for about 10 years now.  And let us be 100% honest here…she has never stopped being stylish! A true coquette, she always pays attention to the details, from her hair to accessories – everything seems to just effortlessly fit together with a  sort of whimsical femininity! Well actually… part of the reason why her hair always looks so fab is that Lee works part-time at a hair salon, which is where she gets her weekly dose of style!

In the corporate world, business attire is like a uniform.  In a salon, I get to make bold, elegant fashion statements! Working at a salon entails more than just being current with latest hair creations but also serves as a source of inspiration for style.”

Aside from being an eponymous fashionista, Lee- Anne is completing her doctoral degree at the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto. I bet you she is the most stylish girl in her class!

Fashionista Closet

We caught up with Lee just as she was coming back from a trip to St. Lawrence Market .. Wearing a beautiful shearling vest over a cashmere beige turtleneck, she takes off her brown leather riding boots and starts showing us her place…which is very cozy for how small it is. Then, she starts hovering around the kitchen, unloading her grocery basket into the fridge and telling us all about her wine party plans!  Lee Anne is clearly an avid party planner and we realize that we should hurry it up because she has a lot of plans for the rest of day, aside from our little photo shoot.

Casual Style in Sherling Vest, Turtleneck and Brown Leather Tote

Casual Style with Sherling Vest and Riding Boots

Here, Lee’s wearing a Jessica Simpson Shearling Vest, Anne Klein Brown Leather Boots, Vintage Cashmere Sweater and Zara Jeans.  We should probably mention that over the years, Lee has become an expert vintage shopper. She never seizes to surprise us with unique accessories, which (unfortunately for us) were purchased at vintage shops around Toronto, and can never be found again.

We asked Lee to pull 3 of her favourite looks for us. She had named and created an outfit for every occassion!

An afternoon in Paris

What is more Romantic than Paris? Lee-Anne recently got back from Paris and was so inspired by the feminine  style of Parisian women that she had to include a reflection of her love for the city of lights in one of the looks!  A Crochet top layered over a mauve pink silk blouse definitely says romance….We can just imagine Lee wearing this little number out on the cobble-stone streets of Paris, yes, it would truly be Le Vie en Rose!

I often like to be adventurous and push the envelope with my style. But trying to fit the perfect outfit with the perfect event /location is not easy”

Romantic Date Look with Crochet Top

Romantic Look with Crochet Top and Mauve pants

Romantic Date Look inspired by Paris

Sweet Romantic Look with Black Crochet top with Mauve Pants

Black Crochet Top with Mauve Tank

Black Crochet Top – Urban Outfitters, Silk Zipper front Mauve Pants from a Boutique in Paris, Silk Zipper back Cami Zara, Vintage Brown Leather Clutch (told you this girl likes vintage!).

This look is so adorable, one doesn’t need to be in Paris to own it…Pretty sure you can wear this in Toronto Lee! ;)

Rockstar Groupie

Lee Anne loves to pair contrasting pieces such as masculine leathers and with feminine silks. “ I am big on mixing different textures”. she admits. Here is a perfect example of her style.

We just love the contrast between the femininity of the silk blouse and the masculinity of the leather vest! Only a girl like Lee would think about this unexpected combo, which looks so perfect for a rock concert!

What to wear to a rock music concert

Rock concert outfit with leather vest

Rocker Chic Style

Leather Vest with Silk Blouse

Vintage Black Leather vest, Kensington Jeans, Silk Blouse from Zara, Sterling Lace up Booties.

Hell’s  Angel

Lee’s next look was somewhat more on the edgy side, with Leather Tights, a Biker Jacket and ankle boots. We absolutely love how she accessorized it with various necklaces for a  rocker chic appeal.

Military Chic Style

Leather Jacket with ankle boots and layered necklaces

Leather Jacket with Ankle Boots- Military Chic Style

Ankle Boots and Vintage Casio Watch

MIlitary Chic Style with Danier Leather Jacket

Danier Leather Jacket

Layering Necklaces

Danier Leather Jacket, Cole Haan Boots, Pants from Zara, Blouse purchased in Paris, Necklaces from Mendocino.

We know we said that we only asked for 3 outfits, but Lee had to get ready for her wine and cheese party and we just had to snap some pics of her with her birthday balloons as she got ready!

Party Girl is Getting Ready

Party Look with Sparkly Crop Top and High Waisted Pants

Party Girl Look with Green Balloons

Fashionista Home Sense

Lee-Anne is a true fashionista at heart, but her style sense doesn’t just end at her closet…Lee’s  cozy little apartment has such a big personality! The girl was able to make the space looks so elegant, with quaint decorations of glass vases, paintings, French Golden Era posters and fresh flowers. There is almost a rustic feel to it, which is offset by feminine accents that scream Lee-Anne!

Paris Inspired Home Accessories

French Antique Inspired Wall Decorations and Hooks

Art Deco White Wall Clock

Antique Jewellery Box

Interior Design done with vintage bad and quote toteLife is too important to be taken seriously! – Love the quote tote! We TOTALLY agree!

Crystal Chandelier

Bathroom Decorations

Blue silk blouse Zara

We hope you fall in love with Lee-Anne’s style as we much as we have! She has incredible taste when it comes to clothes and knows how to add a chic element to everything she touches.  Lee Anne is truly a Toronto fashionista!

Stay tuned for more special blog features as we raid the closets of Toronto’s most fashionable personalities!




Photo Diary: New York Day 2 – Waiting for Carrie Bradshaw…

6 Mar

We were so lucky to have the most amazing weather in NYC! It was so warm and sunny…just perfect for an afternoon stroll through the city. After our ‘breakfast-turned brunch’ at the DOMA cafe we walked around the little side streets discovering West Village. It’s a really cute neighbourhood, kind of hidden by residential houses, away from the buzzling noise of city we normally know as New York. That’s what we love so much about this place, its so dynamic…one minute you’re driving through crazy crowds of people and an ocean of yellow cabs at Times Square and the next, you’re marvelling at the adorable cafes and boutiques at West Village. We were especially taken with the “Carrie Bradshaw-ish” raised stairs leading to the front door. They are just so Sex and the City – we could almost imagine Carrie running out to go on a date with Big. Oh-so romantic!

West Village stair case

The house number is written on the stairs – is that adorable or what!!!

West Village NYC

Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild with your favourite memories of SATC…

NYC Street style in Brown boots and Lous Vuitton Neverfull Purse

Waiting for Carrie…

Sitting on the stairs waiting for Carried Bradshaw

Thanks for letting us use your stairs #25, whoever you are!

Sex and the City stairs in NYC

Nine West brown leather boots with gold buckle details

Shopping in West Village NYC

Of course we couldn’t resist a little shopping in the adorable boutiques in West Village!

Baloons stuck in the tree in West Village, NYC

Aren’t the heart shaped balloons stuck in the branches so adorable?? We thought so :)

These are not the ACTUAL stairs from the show, but they are still so reminiscent of it. It actually feels like a scene right out of Sex and City on this street…We could just sit on these stairs and marvel at the passer byers all day long! Next on our NYC to-do list is to visit the actual streets where Carrie lived.

Keep Strutting!


DOMA NYC: Picture Perfect Cafe

4 Mar


Waking up on a Monday morning in NYC (with a mild hangover) , we were desperate for some good coffee and a big breakfast. Problem is, we tend to get a little picky when it comes to food. We like to discover the local places that only native New Yorkers know about, with the perfect atmosphere, that just make one feel …at home. But in a city with a seemingly unlimited choice  of restaurants, the task of finding that perfect little local hangout can become daunting. Luckily, we were equipped with our own NYC cheat sheet – a list of personal recommendations from a native New Yorker!!! AWESOME!!!!

We quickly scrolled through the list and found “the best cafes in NYC” section – PERFECT! We chose to check out this place called DOMA, in West Village. Its a cozy, bohemian style cafe, where they serve all kinds of hot drinks, and home style breakfast, lunch and dinner. You’ll see all types of people here – writers, bloggers, professors, students…From the outside, it looks like you’re peering into a painting, from the inside, it looks like you’re living in one!

Window seat at DOMA NYC

Inside NYC's best coffeeshop - DOMA

DOMA's delicious Latte

We were like little kids in there…wanting to sit in every seat, while jealously eyeing all other seats. We tried the seat by the book shelf…then the big table…then the window seats! ITS ALL GOOD! We literally switched spots 3 times! But we really fell in love with the window seats. We sat there, sipping on lattes and watching people outside peering in, longing to be a part of it too… Try walking by and not walking in – its impossible – this places truly seduces!

Best cafe in NYC - DOMA

Breakfast at DOMA

DOMA's crepes for breakfast

DOMA - such a cute cafe in NYC

Lattes at DOMA

Hanging out at DOMA

Sipping on a latte at DOMA

Outside of DOMA NYC

We just love it so much! Its perfect for reading, writing or catching up with your BFF! We hope you get a chance to check it out next time you’re in NYC :)




What’s In My Carry ON

2 Mar

Besides knowing how to pack your suitcase, you need to know how to pack a smart carry on for a flight. You’ve all been there, trying to fit your entire life into a seemingly shrinking carry on, and you know just how daunting this task can become.  Some of us give up and opt for what I call “the bag lady” solution – if you can’t fit it in your bag, you just get a smaller bag, and another one, and another one.. Until you are surrounded by bags! Its a mission to keep track of all your little packages and you’ll probably forget one along the way, so that doesn’t really work for me. I’ve also seen girls who keep stuffing their carry on until the zipper barely closes, resulting in one bulky bag that is guaranteed to bump into everything and everyone you pass (you know who you are ladies!). It looks terrible, it hurts, and there is the slight concern that it might actually explode! So I came up with a solution – The Minimalist.

How to pack a carry on bag

I pack the bare minimum – only the necessities – for everything else, there is a suitcase. Tickets/passport are in my travel  wallet, purchased from Barney’s a few years ago. That way you don’t need to fish for your passport every time, and its easily accessible and organized. Michael Kors wallet. Gucci sunnies (with the case to avoid scratches and damage) to cover up those tired eyes after a long flight (why do you think all the celebs do it?!).  L’Occitane hand cream, which is perfect because its package meets the security standards, and because its so rich that it is guaranteed to keep your hands  moisturised even with the dry air during flights. A pen – to fill out any forms or write down my ideas. Pavlyn notebook, that’s always with me! Canon point and shoot camera. Rosebud Strawberry lip balm, which smells amazing and keeps your lips so soft! Ipod and Blackberry. GOSH lipgloss for a quick touch up when I land. For a long flight, I will add a magazine or a paperback book. And there you have it – the minimalist travel bag!


Airport ‘Ready to Fly’ Style

26 Feb

Hmm…what to wear to the airport?

Flying in style - how to dress for a flight

Waiting for our flight - so comfy in a striped sweater and tights!

We love travelling and so naturally the airport is like our second home.  That’s why when we travel, we try to wear pieces that are easy yet fashionable. We love to be comfortable for those really long flights, but simply refuse to compromise on style – you never know who might sit next to you on your next flight! Tights, boots, and a layering of a long sweater over a simple cami make this an easy look to achieve.

View from the window of Toronto Pearson International Airport

Ready to fly in style with a neverfull LV bag

Comfortable flight style

Here is a simple guide to how you can look stylish during your flight, while feeling at ease:

  1. Warm Sweater– The planes are always so cold and its best to stay cozy in a warm sweater then try to keep warm in a staticky airplane blanket. We love a grandpa sweater, like the wool blend Tommy Hilfiger that M is wearing. Its loose, long shape provides for comfort while adding a stylish element to a look. Wear it over a pair of tights and you will be ready for travelling in style.
  2. Scarf– this essential layering piece adds a little oomph of style to any outfit and is key when travelling because its so easy to just throw on or off.
  3. Tights- there is not much to say here…we would live in tights every day if we could- so comfortable!
  4. Comfortable Shoes– We always wear  a pair of comfortable shoes,  that can be taken off easily. M wore the  BCBG black leather riding boots,  and A brought her  brown leather Nine West boots.
  5. Oversized Travel Bag– Having a large bag, like the neverfull  Louis Vuitton, is important for travelling because there are  A LOT of things a girl has to bring- an essential make up kit, a book, some magazines, ipod, cell phone, passport, etc etc….also, this allows one to have a little of extra room for last minute shopping at the airport ;)
  6. Warm Socks–  We always wear or bring a pair of warm socks for the plane because we are super paranoid about being even the slightest bit cold.  Aside from this, socks are also important because they keep your feet clean when you are asked to take off your shoes at security. You do not want to be walking barefoot on that dirty (and cold) floor  :)
Fly in comfort style with riding boots
Airport Style is easy with brown boots, tights and oversized cashmere scarf
Checking that I got my passport!
Michael Kors over the shoulder bag and watch
Comfortable style in travel or at the airport

We hope you like our airport style…Of course the outfits will depend on the time of year and the destination. For us, these are the essential pieces that will work any time. Some people like to really dress up for the airport, while others dress down to a “i just rolled out of bed” look.  Regardless of what you choose to do, we hope our style ideas helped ;)


Stylish wait at the Toronto Pearson Airport for our flight

Airport style comfort wear with LV bag

Waiting for our flight to NYC at the airport

What do you prefer to wear to the airport? Any airport style ideas ladies?

Keep strutting,


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