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A Breath of Fresh Air: Kim Kardashian’s Aqua Jeans

19 Mar

Its true, we’re a little coloured-denim crazed these days…and its not just us! The celebs seem to be just as obsessed as we are, rocking skinny jeans in all colours of the rainbow pops. Today’s favourite is Kim Kardashian, spotted at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in Miami, in this stunning pair of Aqua coloured skinny jeans. Paired with a white top and a neutral coloured bag and flats, she looks like a breath of fresh air, breezing through the airport. Trying to resist these fabulous Aqua jeans, is like trying to resist Miami’s ocean front itself – IMPOSSIBLE! Kim fabulously dove into the coloured denim trend and so should you!

Kim Kardashian in Bright Aqua Skinny Jeans

Kim Kardashian in neon blue skinny jeans

Kim Kardashian in turquoise blue jeans Florida airport

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