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Lauren Conrad’s London Coat

22 Oct

Lauren Conrad has done it – she’s created the perfect trench coat and we can’t get enough of it. Her line, Paper Crown, has designed the London Coat for the Fall 2012 Season and its gorgeous! What makes this coat so special is how perfectly it turns from a fitted top into a skirt bottom. Lauren herself has recently wore the Coat and looked uber chic in it, as she combined it with some red lips and a channel purse.  The coat is now available at Pavlyn Boutique, but hurry, this beauty won’t be around for long!

Lauren Conrad in Paper Crown London Coat


Lauren recently had another spotting in another Paper Crown piece. Again from the Fall 2012 Collection, Lauren was seen in the Madame Silk Dress in Polka Dot pattern. Looking perfectly sweet, this dress offers a healthy dose of flirtation! Want to transition into Fall? Combine the dress with black stockings and pumps and throw a blazer on top. The dress is now at Pavlyn Boutique – we bet you won’t be able to resist.

Lauren Conrad in Paper Crown Madame Dress



Spring Fling 2012: The Maxi Skirt

22 Mar

We’ve had some really good times with maxi dresses, but it seems that last summer’s fling is coming to an end. This summer, we’re starting a new love affair with maxi skirts. Like all things worthwhile, maxi skirts can be intimidating at first. But fear not ladies, these skirts are actually versatile and suitable for all shapes and sizes, as long as you choose well. Boho chic is the perfect summer trend – simple, effortless and free-spirited! We’ve assembled a few of our favourite  maxi skirt looks:

1. For Pleats Sake: Pleats are having a major moment this summer, so naturally, they make the maxi skirt so much more amazing. We love seeing pleats on maxi skirts in solid colours, paired with a simple tank like Lauren Conrad. If its your first maxi skirt, go for a solid colour with feminine pleats, and dress it with a simple white tank. Remember, since you’re modest at the bottom, its ok to show some skin on top and even go for a tighter fit. For an added boho-chic look, add a long necklace or a head band.

Lauren Conrad in black maxi skirt

2. Short and Sweet: A lot of shorter girls are intimidated by the super length of maxi skirts. But, its actually amazing how beautiful these skirts look when paired with heels. Check out how tall Kim Kardashian looks in her maxi skirt, despite being only 5’2. Another lesson from Kim – if you’re on the curvy side, or have very broad shoulders, wearing a maxi skirt with some slits balances your figure.

Kim Kardashian in blue maxi skirt

3. Ready for Romance: Kate Bosworth’s outfit is perfect for falling in love! The combination of pastels with a touch of sparkle is ultra romantic! We really like Kate’s high-wasted skirt, which emphasizes her midriff and breaks up her top and bottom. This outfit is perfect fr those warm summer nights we’re all waiting for!

Kate Bosworth in a yellow maxi skirt

4. The Weekender: When we spotted Olivia Palermo’s sheer maxi look, we instantly thought of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Olivia’s look is perfect for a weekend trip to the market, an afternoon stroll in the park, or a brunch get-together. Adding shape to this flowy fabric is key, especially when combining a loosely fitted top and bottom. Olivia achieves this look by not only tucking in her blouse, but also adding a thing belt to the skirt. Your waist line is the slimmest part of your body, so you always want to draw attention to it! Even a petite girl like Olivia can wear this look without drowning in the fabric, by keeping it sheer, light and belted!

Olivia Palermo in a sheer maxi dress

Olivia Palermo in a sheer maxi skirt

5. Fashion Forward: Once you get a little more comfortable with wearing a maxi skit, you can start playing around with different combinations.We really love the way Olivia put this country-chic look together. Of course, the basics are still there – show a little skin, belt your look, and use sheer fabric – but its  totally different way of wearing the maxi skirt!

Olivia Palermo in maxi skirt

Ladies, get out there and get your first, third or 10th maxi skirt. This trend is here and its here to stay!



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