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I am a CHANEL Brand Whore! So sue me…

26 Mar

Chanel Fashion show with Karl

Mesdames et Messieurs…We have a situation on our hands…we are hopelessly and utterly in love with Chanel. We adore the clothes, the bags, the shoes, and the accessories…the home decor pieces and the eau de parfums…we love anything and everything that has those two holy C’s on it, just because they are there! It could be a pillow or a stocking for all we know, and we will love it and want it. And that, by definition, makes us brand whores!

Chanel two tone pumps and bag

chanel-lipstick variations

Chanel two tone black and white umbrella

Chanel Black bags

Chanel No 5 parfume

chanel bowtie with bowties

(just some a few of the things we love…)

 The strange thing about this is that, although we don’t particularly like to wear things with flashy logos on them, we seem to really love the Chanel brand. So, if this means that we’re brand whores, then, so be it! We will wear this title loud and proud, because we love the story, the idea and the look of Chanel.

Chanel is one of the oldest fashion houses in the world, started by a regular French girl like me and you. Well no…actually we are not French and she wasn’t just any regular girl. She came from a very humble background but grew to be a pioneer in the fashion world who modernized clothing design and empowered women with her ideas for generations to come.  So, we don’t only love Chanel for its look, we truly believe in what this brand stands for.

Coco Chanel Quote saying " A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous"

Then there is the incredible craftsmanship with which each and every item is made, which is what makes this brand so classy and beautiful! The tweed with the white and black detailing is just so chic that we can never get enough of it. Pearls, black leather squares on the purses, little black and white C’s on the necklaces – Everything is made with incredible thought and love for elegant simplicity. Take a look at this video for an inside view of how the classic Chanel blazer from the 2012 collection is made….its ASTONISHING!

We can’t help but fall into Chanel’s love trap and we are definitely not alone. Celebs love Chanel and some of the most legendary figures of all time have been identified as the spokespersons for the brand: Marilyn Monroe, Kiera Knightley, Audrey Tautou, Nicole Kidman, Venessa Paradis… just to name a few! Some of our current Chanel faves are Alexa Chung and Blake Lively.


Keira and Karl in Chanel

lily-allen-posing for chanel

Alexa Chung in Chanel with straw bag

Karl Lagerfeld and Blake Lively in Chanel

Blake Lively and Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel Gown

alexa chung chanel style

The worst part of this obsession is that there is no remedy for it…. except to get out there and get some Chanel merch…which is exactly what we’re planning on doing! In fact, we wish we could carry Chanel at PAVLYN, but its a little completely out of question for so many reasons, main one being that we would probably just keep everything for ourselves.



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