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Outfit Inspiration: Animal Prints

26 Apr

Who said you can’t wear leopard print to work?

I would like to take it upon myself to try to dispel the rule that it’s not appropriate, once and for all! I am not just favouring my leopard print stuff because I am ga-ga for animal prints, I say this, because I genuinely think that animal prints have become the new black and are a total staple to any girl’s wardrobe. Ladies, we should embrace this trend with open arms …or should I say wallets?… and start accumulating animal print merch like its nobody’s business!

Trendy work outfit with leopard scarf and red lips

Leopard Scarf with Red Lips

Trendy work outfit with leopard scarf

Leopard Scarf with Leather Jacket and RayBan Aviators

There is something chic about animal prints. Adding a touch of patterns creates a certain fierceness and certainly goes a long way if you’re trying to look on-trend. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it with animal prints by wearing too much of them or something tight, like a leopard dress – should probably save that one for the clubs  ;)

I can proudly say that, at this point, my animal print collection consists of a leopard belt, zebra and leopard print scarves and leopard peep toe pumps!  I wear these items all the time and am always on the prowl for the more perfectly printed wild goodies. Today, I made what would have been a pretty basic office outfit look that much more fun and trendy with my leopard scarf. I like to tie the ends and wrap it around like an infinity scarf and wear it with my leather motorcycle jacket…the result – a perfectly professional office look that is both elegant and stylish. Add red lips and you’re ready for after work drinks with your girls!

Trendy work outfit

Women's work outfit with leopard scarf and leather jacket

Leopard scarf to work

My outfit: Michael Kors leather jacket, Calvin Klein Blouse, BCBG skinny zipper pants, BCBG Generation Patent pumps, Ray Ban Aviators,  Michael Kors oversized watch and …Vintage leopard scarf

Hope you like the look :)



The Sweater Dress

12 Mar

I believe that there are two kinds of shoppers out there. There are the girls that scout out great deals and bargains, and buy lots and lots of great clothes at awesome prices. Then, there are the girls that are always on the hunt for great basics and timeless pieces, and are not afraid to invest in quality items. If you’re anything like me, you fall in the latter category (although you’re always jealous of the former category of girls with their exploding closets and endless wardrobe choices). So, what’s a girl to do, but get creative with her limited options? I came up with a great way to get more wear out of this camel coloured sweater dress – I also wear it as a top! I know thats a crazy concept – RIGHT!? But it works like magic! I wear it with skirts and trousers, by simply tucking it in. I even wear it with a blazer and a pair of tights and boots. There are so many ways! Last Friday, I wore this sweater tucked into a black skirt, which makes for an adorably preppy office outfit. Then, all I did was take the skirt off, and transform this top back into a sweater dress for Friday night drinks! I paired the dress with my black booties and opaque black tights, which I often use to set off slightly too-short dresses or skirts. I hope that the warm weather this week inspires you ladies to get creative with your own outfits!

Happy Monday!

Preppy Office Look

I started the day with this preppy office outfit, keeping the black and brown colour scheme consistent throughout.

Camel Coloured Sweater Dress

For Friday night, I transformed my outfit into a dress, by simply removing the skirt.

How to wear a sweater dress

I added a chunckie gold bracelet to go with the warm brown tones.

Accessories with my sweater dress

Sweater Dress: Massimo Dutti (only available in Europe)

Skirt: Club Monaco

Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy

Shoes: Nine West

Bracelet: Club Monaco

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