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April Fool’s : Best Celebrity Jokes!

1 Apr

Celebrities love to play pranks not only on each other but also all of us fans out there! AND let’s not forget that today is April fools day and there will be a tonne of hoaxing and joking around going on in Hollywood!  Here are some of the best celebrity pranks we’ve seen over the years as per our source : www.sheknows.com !


Justin Bieber's 2010 April Fool's Day joke

“Justin Bieber has decided to buy Funny or Die website and do with it whatever his tiny little heart desires,” read a clip on the site. “Anything that’s not Bieber dies,”Bieber said on a Funny or Die video.

“I’m a star; I do what stars do,” he said. “I ride on yachts, I autograph lady lumps, and I pay people to slap them.”


In 2010, infamous prankster Nicole Richie synced up with Khloe Kardashian to hack into Kim K’s Twitter account. Nicole then proceeded to post dirty messages, professing everything from a lesbian crush to an, uh-hem, upset stomach…
“Sometimes I think I am a lesbian because HOT DAMN I think Nicole Richie is fffooooiiinnneee!” Kardashian managed to reclaim her Twitter account, but did admit, “That was hands down the funniest April Fools’!!


Singer Mya seems so sweet, but she pulled a doozy of an April Fool’s Day prank on a friend.

“This is really bad,” she told OK! Magazine in 2008. “One of my friends is a producer in California; we have a brother/sister relationship. He pulled a prank on me, so I figured I owed him one. I was on the House of Blues tour in 2003, and I invited him to one of my shows in Anaheim, California, after I had already performed [there]. So he rented a limo, invited people and showed up the day after I performed. I gave him backstage passes and told him he was on the guest list for seven. He was totally embarrassed, but I owed him one.”


Joel McHale pranked Ryan Seacrest on April Fool's Day 2010

Joel McHale loves to make fun of Ryan Seacrest, so it’s only natural that the American Idol host was the target of McHale’s April Fool’s Day prank.

In 2010, McHale took over Seacrest’s personal website, renaming it JoelMcHale.com. The whole site looked pretty much the same, except that Seacrest’s face was substituted with McHale’s. A choice headline read, “Relive Joel McHale’s Epic Cameo in Spider-Man 2.”

McHale tweeted from Seacrest’s account: “Ryan here: just interviewed @SelenaGomez. She was awesome. Really connected. Psych! It’s still Joel! #seacresthacked.


Last year, the R&B diva tried to pull our chains by announcing that she was preggers. She tweeted: “3 months pregnant:(…whats a girl to do??….this is going to be hard:( no more spanx:(…..” Niiiiice try, Ciara.

Are you pulling any pranks this year!???  We know we are…just because we know its the only day that we can get away with it!



Happy 32nd Birthday to Kim Kardashian!!!

21 Oct

Wishing the beautiful KimK a very Happy 32nd Birthday! WOW- we can’t even believe she is 32! She looks phenomenal and has accomplished great success already and is a true inspiration to us! The sky is the limit when it comes to Kim and we wish her are only the brightest things to come – lots of love, happiness and of course success! Hope you have a great night celebrating girl!

Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian

Happy Birthday Kimmy! We love you!


Pavlyn Girls Photoshoot – Summer 2012

13 Sep

Photoshoots are always such a stressful experience! They leave us running around town, coordinating hair appointments and make-up, all the while making sure the photographers and the clothes are on set at the right time. We’re not sure if it would be better or worse if we hired models that we had to coordinate in addition to all this! Here is a little sneak peak of all the craziness from our last shoot for our Summer 2012 collection with Photographer Matthew De Miglio of District PR (God bless them for being so patient and making this experience so fun!)


Mimosas are a must have for a Shoot!

Blaque Label Sweetheart Chiffon Dress

Pavlyn Boutique on the big screen – all set and ready to go!

J Brand Zoey Lipstick Red Skinny's

A working it for the camera in JBrand’s Hot Lipstick Red Zoey Skinnies

Checking Pics for colours

Always have to keep checking the images to ensure we’re happy with the way the colours and fabrics are appearing!

Hair and Make up

Final Touch ups before going on Camera! Everything has to look perfect!

Reviewing the shots

Check out little Cleo helping with the photoshoot! LOL

JBrand Skinny Palisade Jeans

Striking a pose in the JBrand Skinny Palisade Jeans

La Mer Watches

La Mer watches are the perfect accessory to any look!

Naven Bombshell Dress in Cali Blue

Shooting the Naven Bombshell Dress in Cali Blue

Blaque Label Pleats Dress in Coral

I loved shooting this little number! It’s so fun and flirty!

Fashion Shoot

Making sure the dress will fall perfectly for the shoot..it is easy with Contrarian Barbara Bibb!

Contrarian Bydie Bow DressPhotoshootNo Papparazzi Shots Please!Cleo, our little helper!Photographer Matthew De MiglioShoes Shoes ShoesNaven Bombshell Dress in Cali BlueJJ Winters Envelope Clutches in all coloursPaper Crown Twain Maxi SkirtImage

When we see the final product on our site, its so easy to forget how much work goes into making it all. We love to document the experience ‘behind-the-scenes’ to remind ourselves of the process and remember to enjoy every minute of it! We are now prepping for our Fall 2012 shoot, which promises to be one of our most exciting collections to date! So stay tuned for all our amazing new Fall Fashion and of course a documentary of our journey there!




Pavlyn Work Session in Effect

7 Mar

Over the past few months, Starbucks has become our second home. We love meeting here, mainly because it offers an unlimited supply of coffee, which is like water to us…we need it to survive! I don’t know whether its the cool tunes and atmosphere or all the caffeine intake, but we always get so much work done here!

Pavlyn meeting at Starbucks

Yesterday we met to finalize some of our orders and work on our site. We finally got access to the latest draft of the site from our  web development team and just couldn’t wait to go through it together! From the first glance, the site looks AMAZING! We’re so excited to launch it!

Pavlyn girls meeting- M

In our world, facebook IS actually part of the job!

Working on the Pavlyn website at Starbucks

Working on the Pavlyn Website at Starbucks

Pavlyn meeting at Starbucks


Girls Night In

2 Feb

Lately, we’ve been so busy working on the PAVLYN website and getting all the clothing orders figured out for the launch, that we barely have had time to catch up with our girls.  So, this week, we had a little girls night-in…after all, what is better than some good wine, delicious food and juicy gossip ;)

We got a little creative with the appetizers, drawing inspiration from sweet and sour combinations of fruits, cured meats and cheeses…yummm!

    Delicious Appetizer_apple_bluecheese_almonds_honey_palvyn_party-appetizer




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