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Pavlyn Girls Photoshoot – Summer 2012

13 Sep

Photoshoots are always such a stressful experience! They leave us running around town, coordinating hair appointments and make-up, all the while making sure the photographers and the clothes are on set at the right time. We’re not sure if it would be better or worse if we hired models that we had to coordinate in addition to all this! Here is a little sneak peak of all the craziness from our last shoot for our Summer 2012 collection with Photographer Matthew De Miglio of District PR (God bless them for being so patient and making this experience so fun!)


Mimosas are a must have for a Shoot!

Blaque Label Sweetheart Chiffon Dress

Pavlyn Boutique on the big screen – all set and ready to go!

J Brand Zoey Lipstick Red Skinny's

A working it for the camera in JBrand’s Hot Lipstick Red Zoey Skinnies

Checking Pics for colours

Always have to keep checking the images to ensure we’re happy with the way the colours and fabrics are appearing!

Hair and Make up

Final Touch ups before going on Camera! Everything has to look perfect!

Reviewing the shots

Check out little Cleo helping with the photoshoot! LOL

JBrand Skinny Palisade Jeans

Striking a pose in the JBrand Skinny Palisade Jeans

La Mer Watches

La Mer watches are the perfect accessory to any look!

Naven Bombshell Dress in Cali Blue

Shooting the Naven Bombshell Dress in Cali Blue

Blaque Label Pleats Dress in Coral

I loved shooting this little number! It’s so fun and flirty!

Fashion Shoot

Making sure the dress will fall perfectly for the shoot..it is easy with Contrarian Barbara Bibb!

Contrarian Bydie Bow DressPhotoshootNo Papparazzi Shots Please!Cleo, our little helper!Photographer Matthew De MiglioShoes Shoes ShoesNaven Bombshell Dress in Cali BlueJJ Winters Envelope Clutches in all coloursPaper Crown Twain Maxi SkirtImage

When we see the final product on our site, its so easy to forget how much work goes into making it all. We love to document the experience ‘behind-the-scenes’ to remind ourselves of the process and remember to enjoy every minute of it! We are now prepping for our Fall 2012 shoot, which promises to be one of our most exciting collections to date! So stay tuned for all our amazing new Fall Fashion and of course a documentary of our journey there!



Greylin’s Magic Shorts

18 Jul

Ever since this Summer’s pleats trend kicked in, the Greylin Cobalt Blue Kristen pleated shorts have been a personal favourite of mine! They are a perfect combination of fabric, colour and style. I love my pair so much, I had to let you ladies know all about them. As if the pair we have featured on Pavlyn isn’t enough! Actually, its not enough, because one  can’t actually feel the fabric and see the movement created by this amazing piece, which deserve so much praise and admiration. Greylin’s shorts are slightly longer in the back and feature an elegant high waist line with micro pleating extending into accordion pleats at the hip line. The sheer fabric and chic design make these shorts sway slightly at the sides and back while walking, creating an understated-sexy silhouette!

Greylin Blue Pleated Shorts

Noir Jewelry Solid Brass Rhodium Plated Pyramid bracelet in Gold

Noir Smooth Pyramid Bracelet and JJ Winters Black Croco Envelope Clutch

Greylin Pleat shorts with H&M Lace top

Pleated Shorts by Greylin with JJ Winters Black Croco Clutch

My outfit:  Greylin Kristen Pleated shorts, H&M Lace Top, Marc Jacobs Gold Watch, Ralph Lauren Gold Chain Bracelet, Noir Jewelry Smooth Pyramid Bracelet, Black Croco JJ Winters Envelope Clutch.

Greylin Cobalt Blue Shorts

These flirty shorts work great for the hot Summer days because they are so light and airy. Yet the versatile colour allows them to be worn all year round, and I am fully planning to wear mine with black tights in the Winter! You need to get a pair for yourselves to experience how awesome these babies are! But, I have to warn you, be ready to get a tonne of compliments!




Pavlyn Work Session in Effect

7 Mar

Over the past few months, Starbucks has become our second home. We love meeting here, mainly because it offers an unlimited supply of coffee, which is like water to us…we need it to survive! I don’t know whether its the cool tunes and atmosphere or all the caffeine intake, but we always get so much work done here!

Pavlyn meeting at Starbucks

Yesterday we met to finalize some of our orders and work on our site. We finally got access to the latest draft of the site from our  web development team and just couldn’t wait to go through it together! From the first glance, the site looks AMAZING! We’re so excited to launch it!

Pavlyn girls meeting- M

In our world, facebook IS actually part of the job!

Working on the Pavlyn website at Starbucks

Working on the Pavlyn Website at Starbucks

Pavlyn meeting at Starbucks


Photo Diary: New York Day 2 – Waiting for Carrie Bradshaw…

6 Mar

We were so lucky to have the most amazing weather in NYC! It was so warm and sunny…just perfect for an afternoon stroll through the city. After our ‘breakfast-turned brunch’ at the DOMA cafe we walked around the little side streets discovering West Village. It’s a really cute neighbourhood, kind of hidden by residential houses, away from the buzzling noise of city we normally know as New York. That’s what we love so much about this place, its so dynamic…one minute you’re driving through crazy crowds of people and an ocean of yellow cabs at Times Square and the next, you’re marvelling at the adorable cafes and boutiques at West Village. We were especially taken with the “Carrie Bradshaw-ish” raised stairs leading to the front door. They are just so Sex and the City – we could almost imagine Carrie running out to go on a date with Big. Oh-so romantic!

West Village stair case

The house number is written on the stairs – is that adorable or what!!!

West Village NYC

Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild with your favourite memories of SATC…

NYC Street style in Brown boots and Lous Vuitton Neverfull Purse

Waiting for Carrie…

Sitting on the stairs waiting for Carried Bradshaw

Thanks for letting us use your stairs #25, whoever you are!

Sex and the City stairs in NYC

Nine West brown leather boots with gold buckle details

Shopping in West Village NYC

Of course we couldn’t resist a little shopping in the adorable boutiques in West Village!

Baloons stuck in the tree in West Village, NYC

Aren’t the heart shaped balloons stuck in the branches so adorable?? We thought so :)

These are not the ACTUAL stairs from the show, but they are still so reminiscent of it. It actually feels like a scene right out of Sex and City on this street…We could just sit on these stairs and marvel at the passer byers all day long! Next on our NYC to-do list is to visit the actual streets where Carrie lived.

Keep Strutting!



Airport ‘Ready to Fly’ Style

26 Feb

Hmm…what to wear to the airport?

Flying in style - how to dress for a flight

Waiting for our flight - so comfy in a striped sweater and tights!

We love travelling and so naturally the airport is like our second home.  That’s why when we travel, we try to wear pieces that are easy yet fashionable. We love to be comfortable for those really long flights, but simply refuse to compromise on style – you never know who might sit next to you on your next flight! Tights, boots, and a layering of a long sweater over a simple cami make this an easy look to achieve.

View from the window of Toronto Pearson International Airport

Ready to fly in style with a neverfull LV bag

Comfortable flight style

Here is a simple guide to how you can look stylish during your flight, while feeling at ease:

  1. Warm Sweater– The planes are always so cold and its best to stay cozy in a warm sweater then try to keep warm in a staticky airplane blanket. We love a grandpa sweater, like the wool blend Tommy Hilfiger that M is wearing. Its loose, long shape provides for comfort while adding a stylish element to a look. Wear it over a pair of tights and you will be ready for travelling in style.
  2. Scarf– this essential layering piece adds a little oomph of style to any outfit and is key when travelling because its so easy to just throw on or off.
  3. Tights- there is not much to say here…we would live in tights every day if we could- so comfortable!
  4. Comfortable Shoes– We always wear  a pair of comfortable shoes,  that can be taken off easily. M wore the  BCBG black leather riding boots,  and A brought her  brown leather Nine West boots.
  5. Oversized Travel Bag– Having a large bag, like the neverfull  Louis Vuitton, is important for travelling because there are  A LOT of things a girl has to bring- an essential make up kit, a book, some magazines, ipod, cell phone, passport, etc etc….also, this allows one to have a little of extra room for last minute shopping at the airport ;)
  6. Warm Socks–  We always wear or bring a pair of warm socks for the plane because we are super paranoid about being even the slightest bit cold.  Aside from this, socks are also important because they keep your feet clean when you are asked to take off your shoes at security. You do not want to be walking barefoot on that dirty (and cold) floor  :)
Fly in comfort style with riding boots
Airport Style is easy with brown boots, tights and oversized cashmere scarf
Checking that I got my passport!
Michael Kors over the shoulder bag and watch
Comfortable style in travel or at the airport

We hope you like our airport style…Of course the outfits will depend on the time of year and the destination. For us, these are the essential pieces that will work any time. Some people like to really dress up for the airport, while others dress down to a “i just rolled out of bed” look.  Regardless of what you choose to do, we hope our style ideas helped ;)


Stylish wait at the Toronto Pearson Airport for our flight

Airport style comfort wear with LV bag

Waiting for our flight to NYC at the airport

What do you prefer to wear to the airport? Any airport style ideas ladies?

Keep strutting,



Photo Diary: Day 1 in New York City

24 Feb

Landing in New York City

We landed in NYC Saturday night. Don’t you just love the way the city looks after dark?

A typical NYC view

After checking in, we tried to enjoy the view from our hotel… Such a typical NYC view!

Choosing what to wear in NYC

Some tough choices needed to be made – What do we wear for a night out in the big apple? (M wore the black leather Danier dress, while A went for a black sequin Michael Kors)

pumps and booties - our shoes for the night

Luckily, no tough choices needed to be made for our shoes – we packed light. (BCBGeneration pumps, Nine West Booties)

Make up & hair

Thankfully, our New York sized room had a full sized mirror!

Make-up travel bag

Our little bag of magic – only the essentials made it to NYC

Dinner at Lavo NYC

We started our night with a delicious dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in NYC. Lavo’s great menu and amazing atmosphere makes it a place not to be missed!

Party at Lavo NYC

 A perfect ending to our night – a glass of champagne. Cheers!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!




Travel Inspirations: Moscow

8 Feb

Despite Russia’s notoriously frigid weather, everyone seems to be out on the town, enjoying the city’s most spectacular views and attractions.  Aside from the fact that there is a lot of FUR….Moscow is also full of architectural beauty, glamorous style, chic stores, boutique cafes, and history!!  I just love this city and hope everyone gets a chance to check it out sometime..just maybe not in the winter time :)


Winter Trees

Snow covered trees


Love Lock Tree

Lovers attach a lock so their love last forever..SO CUTE!

Moscow River Bridge

Pigeon House

After I took the pic, a man came by to drive the car away, and the birds flew away :)

Moscow churces

The golden domes are so beautiful!


GUM- Doesn't it kind of remind you of the Eaton centre in Toronto???

Kremlin's Clock tower

Kremlin's Clock tower

Saint Vasiliy Blazheniy Cathedral in the Red Square

Saint Vasiliy Blazheniy Cathedral in the Red Square

Small Cafe in a Big City

Finding a little bit of warmth in a cute cafe just off the Tverskaya street

Nostalgic passage way

Walking by this random passage way, we couldn't help but notice Audrey :)

New Years Eve in Moscow

Shopping for Caviar at the GUM



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