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Bookshelf: Books, Magazines, Comics, Art & Everything Else

15 Feb

Bookshelves can be a beautiful interior design piece…but REALLY they are an expression of who you are. They show off your interests, dreams and obsessions  through the literature and other pieces you choose to display on them. For me, the bookshelf I have in my living room is a canvas of my life.


Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to paint and draw. I find all art so beautiful, and I love to visit galleries every chance I get, even if I’ve already been there 10 times. I guess it provides a sort of escape from our modern lives.  This is why I have a pretty extensive collection of art history books, ranging from Gothic to the Surrealism. And yes, there is also a Tim Burton book there – and that’s because  I have a weird obsession with his movies.  I love how he makes the dark seem light by giving monsters good hearts.

Baroque, Gothic and Italian Art Books

Tim Burton Art Book noting his films, art and creations

Renaissance Art History Books


When I spent a year in Paris, I developed an obsession with Asterix comics. The drawings are so cute and they are so funny. So, I started collecting them and am still in the process of growing my stock.

Asterix Comics Collection in French


I love my friends so much and I love getting cards from them on my Birthday! So, I keep every single card they write to me. Some may call this hoarding, but I just can’t part with the sentimental meaning of their words.

Birthday Cards arrangement on Bookshelf


I love food and I love to cook elaborate meals for my friends.  French cuisine especially fascinates me because it’s so intricate and well thought-out. Every person I met  in Paris knew how to make the most amazing meals from the top of their head and it just baffles me… Lately, I’ve been cooking a lot from the “EASY TASTY ITALIAN” book by Laura Santtini (she is so cute!).  Its recipes are so simple and taste absolutely amazing…which is the beauty of Italian cuisine!

Robuchon and other amazing cook books for Italian, French and Russian cuisine


I keep every single issue of In-Style, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue and go back to them every so often to get ideas for outfits. I don’t think that they will ever get outdated.. if style is eternal, so are my mags!

InStyle Magazine Issues from 2009 to 2011


The rest is  language books, travel guides, photo albums, little statuettes and trinkets I got from my travels…woven baskets that I use for storing things I don’t want to loose….Movies and CD’s (yes some of us still buy those) and my favourite novels by Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Jane Auston, Fitzgerald, and Hemmingway…just to name a few :)

Language books with French novels and travel guides

Buddha Statuette with some inscents and a cocunut candle

Woven Storage Basket from Ikea with a French design

People normally do not stop to think about the deep meaning carried on each and every shelf of the piece of furniture in their rooms, but to others its a reflection into their life.  So, next time you come to hang out at your friends place take the time to ponder over their bookshelf collections…you will be so amazed at how much more there is to them!



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